ReGUARD by RETIA - the first 3D radar developed in the Czech Republic

ReGUARD by RETIA - the first 3D radar developed in the Czech Republic
25 / 07 / 2019, 10:00

At IDET 2019 in Brno RETIA presented its latest product in the field of radar technology, the ReGUARD radar, which is a multi-role 3D radar for the detection and tracking of ground and low-flying targets, and it is the first 3D radar developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. A specific feature of the ReGUARD is that it searches space by utilizing electronic beam steering and mechanical rotation of the radar head.

ReGUARD belongs to the category of pulse-doppler 3D radars, which brings the advantage of long range and better resolution in the distance over fixed wave radars. The versatility of the ReGUARD radar underlines the possibility of using it either as a stand-alone sensor or as an integral part of a higher system.

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ReGUARD operates in two basic modes, sector or full circle. The modes differ in the way they search space in the azimuth. In sector mode, the radar beam is deflected only electronically in both azimuth and elevation. In a full-circle, the radar sensor head rotates on a rotating base at a speed of 15 rpm, and electronic beam deflection is mainly used for elevation deflection. Azimuth beam deflection ensures rapid confirmation of detections when track is initialized and enhances tracking quality during scanning.

The new radar allows simultaneous tracking of ground and air targets and can capture a wide range of objects. It is therefore suitable for border or infrastructure protection, it can be used in antidron systems, in airport protection, which became recently a serious issue, and also in air defence systems.

In its portable configuration, the radar head is mounted on a tripod making it convenient for temporary deployment. This configuration, which allows for an easy location change, is appropriate for the temporary securing of important geographical points or border control. Being fixed at a stationary location like a building or on a pole makes this configuration suitable for sustaining long term security of valuable assets such as power plants, airports, chemical factories, industrial facilities etc. And due to its parameters (the head weighs only 65 kg) the radar head can be fitted on a vehicle or any other customer-designed platform. Facilitates the rapid patrolling of designated areas like large gatherings, concerts, VIP zones.

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RETIA engineers have chosen passive, fan-less cooling to reduce maintenance, increase durability and use in harsh climatic conditions. The deployment and deployment times do not exceed 10 minutes, and the radar can operate continuously for an unlimited period. ReGUARD, thanks to its electronic beam deflection capability, allows you to quickly search the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest so that it can identify and track priority targets in just a few seconds. In the case of objects with a small reflective surface, its range is 18 km with a height coverage of up to 3 km, while in ground target mode, the instrument range is also 18 km.

Radar evaluates target information using advanced signal and data processing to effectively suppress non-interest objects. The radar also has a built-in automated self-diagnosis system, which facilitates maintenance and high reliability, and a compact workplace for the operation and diagnostics of equipment, which can be placed in remote areas from the position of the radar sensor, depending on the nature of the application.

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