PYROS and ISET fairs will showcase new features to better protect lives, health and property

PYROS and ISET fairs will showcase new features to better protect lives, health and property
17 / 05 / 2019, 13:00

From 29 May to 1 June, the Brno Exhibition Centre will open a showcase of fire and security technology for police officers, professional and volunteer firefighters, security services, labour safety professionals and anyone who wants to learn about new technologies and trends.

PYROS and ISET in hall F

The PYROS and ISET fairs are located in Hall F, which will be filled with stands of companies from various sectors. In addition to firefighting equipment, there will be also fire protection equipment, security and police equipment, monitoring equipment or flood protection. Some exhibits are announced by exhibitors in advance.

The BALBAR mobile ballistic barrier, which will be presented by the company STRIX Chomutov, is an absolute novelty. A new exhibitor is the company FIPREX CZ, which specialises in protection against floods and torrential rains. The company DENIOS regularly participates in the fair, offering fire-proof cabinets and fire-resistant warehouses. Its products are used for safe storage and handling of flammable liquids. The company Dcom will bring cutting-edge solutions for professional communication to Brno. The Hytera radio transceiver is a combination of a professional transceiver and a smart phone for high-quality, safe and reliable on-site communication. The advanced communication and monitoring technology will also be presented by AUDIOPRO.

The integrated rescue system inherently includes control centres working with continuous 24/7 operation. The comfort of their staff is taken care of by company PROWORK as a specialist on healthy seating and the only Czech manufacturer of control room operator seats that offer the highest possible structural resistance and are ready for daily re-adjustment.

Technology and equipment for firefighters

The traditional exhibitor WISS CZECH is preparing the largest commercial display of PYROS this year. Visitors will see the IVECO DAILY DA L1MS with a 750-liter tank and a fire pump driven by vehicle engine, 366 units of which are currently supplied to the Ministry of the Interior. You certainly will not miss the stand of MOTO-TRUCK, a Polish manufacturer of special vehicles for firefighters. The largest exhibit brought in will be a large tanker on the MAN chassis and also attractive will be a transport special on the IVECO chassis, of which only two pieces area available for viewing in the Czech Republic. Compared to last year, the stand of the company BCE, which supplies tricycles, quads and tracked vehicles for snow, will be significantly expanded. It will bring several top-quality machines to the trade fair in special modifications for emergency units. A solution for extracting exhaust gases directly from the fire truck will be presented by the company JVB Engineering  representing the Dutch company Plymovent – a world leader in exhaust gas extraction. Holík International once again offers a range of firefighting gloves at PYROS.

New exhibitors include Nordex Europe, which represents Scandinavian and Spanish manufacturers of fire protection and fire fighting equipment on the Czech and Slovak markets. For the first time at PYROS, you will also be acquainted with the range of W-Technika group, a supplier of hand-held and stationary pyrometers, with the products of Webasto Thermo & Comfort CZ, which introduces auxiliary heating and air conditioning systems for fire engines, and other interesting companies.

Examples of intervention actions

PYROS and ISET are traditionally attended by key government organizations. And it is not about formal presentations, but visitors can look forward to very attractive exhibits and live demonstrations of intervention actions. It is the outdoor areas that are an important place this year that you should not miss when visiting security fairs.

The Fire Rescue Service of the South Moravian Region will stage a show of practical firefighting training directly in front of visitors throughout the trade fair. It will also be the main organizer of the Safety Day programme on Saturday 1 June, and of course it  will also be actively represented by dynamic demonstrations of intervention equipment on the IDET ARENA outdoor polygon.

The Police of the Czech Republic will also give a presentation, focused on the 100th anniversary of our transport police, in the form of a stand and practical demonstrations in the IDET ARENA 2019 programme. The Administration of State Material Reserves will provide a special bridge for the field polygon and the Brno City Police will show an intervention by dog handlers' unit in the event of mass disruption of public order.

The Czech Prison Service will bring its latest escort vehicles and will also show illicit items confiscated from prisoners. In two dynamic demonstrations, members of the operative escort group and units under unified command will be presented. The Customs Administration of the Czech Republic will exhibit a large-scale mobile X-ray monitor, as well as demonstrations of service dog handling and mobile surveillance patrols on the outdoor polygon. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs will also be represented on the display of the Occupational Safety Research Institute. 

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