CZS 15 TRITON: Armoured firefighting vehicle for extreme conditions

CZS 15 TRITON: Armoured firefighting vehicle for extreme conditions
Author: Tatra Trucks|Caption: CZS 15 TRITON: Armoured firefighting vehicle for extreme conditions
07 / 03 / 2022, 10:15

Since February 2020, the Hlučín Rescue Service has had an armoured special CZS 15 TRITON on a Tatra 4x4 chassis. The vehicle is designed for operations and interventions in dangerous and extreme conditions. The CZS 15 TRITON armoured vehicle represents a design innovative platform, which is characterized by a high degree of protection at all levels, durability and mobility in difficult terrains.

The vehicle is designed for interventions in hazardous and extreme conditions such as industrial, production and storage areas, sites containing hazardous substances or munitions or areas where there is a risk of explosion. However, the vehicle can also be used in various natural disasters, forest fires or in the aftermath of terrorist attacks.

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The TRITON from the workshop of the Sternberg-based Excalibur Army is the result of cooperation between Tatra Trucks and THT Polička, and is a highly durable vehicle derived from the PATRIOT military machine. The length of the vehicle on Tatra 4x4 chassis is 6 271 mm, width is 2 550 mm, weight is 16 tons. The TRITON is capable of reaching speeds of up to 110 km/h on paved roads and 45 km/h off-road.

The powertrain consists of an air-cooled TATRA T3C-982-90 eight-cylinder engine with an output of 300 kW. The TRITON is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission with an Allison 4500SP hydrodynamic converter.

In addition to driving comfort for the two-person crew, the armoured cab offers a high degree of protection that meets strict standards. This guarantees resistance to mechanical damage at ballistic protection level 2 according to STANAG 4569. Of course, in the case of the TRITON, explosion-proof seats are also a matter of course, and the floor of the firefighting special is designed to dampen the effects of an explosion under the vehicle as much as possible.

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In the firefighting superstructure in the rear there is a 2,000-litre water tank, the firefighting equipment itself is placed in the side and rear boxes with hinged doors. In the superstructure we can also find a fire pump with a nominal flow rate of 1,500 litres of water per minute driven by the car's engine.

Although TRITON's home station is Hlučín, in case of emergency it will intervene in dangerous places all over the Czech Republic.

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