The DSIA requires simplification of military material trading

The DSIA requires simplification of military material trading
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01 / 06 / 2018, 10:45

The Defence and Security Industry Association (DSIA; AOBP in Czech) of the Czech Republic, which regroups more than 100 important producers and exporters, requires simplification of military material trading. During the general meeting held on tuesday 29th May in Brno the members framed a statement towards the European Commission to prevent any foreign country from denying exports by the Czech exporters.

The main point of program of the general meeting was the progress report since the last general meeting held in 2017. Discussions on purchasing material for the Czech Army and involvement of the home industry in commissions concerning defence budget increase also took place.

The Associations will pursue a policy to protect the local producers of military material from unnecessary regulations. The DSIA says the current common list of the military material of the EU and the list of dual-use products is outdated. 

„In many aspects it comes out from the era of the cold war. Many assets, which are subject of regulation, can be purchased on common civil market. USA reacted to this evolution by an important reduction of the strictly regulated assets, which did not happen in the EU,“ says the DSIA in it’s press release.

„We want the assets whose regulation is senseless to be removed from the lists of regulated products,“ asks the DSIA. Concrete assets were presented by the president of the DSIA Jiří Hynek during his speech at the general meeting.

Many officials of the administration were present to the general meeting of the DSIA, including the Minister of Defence Karla Šlechtová, chairman of the Committee on Security of the Chamber of Deputies Radek Koten, deputy-minister of defence Daniel Koštoval, general director of the Prison Service major general Petr Dohnal, the first deputy Chief of the General Staff lieutenant general Jiří Baloun and other guests.

Source: CTK

Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (DSIA)

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