The Czech army was strenghtened by 1353 professional soldiers last year

The Czech army was strenghtened by 1353 professional soldiers last year
Caption: Czech Army
13 / 03 / 2018, 13:00

The Army admitted 2173 new soldiers last year, while 820 professional soldiers left the service.

By the beginning of january 32.110 professional soldiers and civil and public servants worked at the ministry of defense. Petr Sýkora from the press section of the ministry of defense informed upon query by ČTK. The army wants to continue to admit 2000 new servicemen every years. A new website of the recruiters of the Czech army should support the recruitement.

The recruitement is one of our top priorities. I belive that the new style of the website, more attractive and user friendly now, can attract more people interested in serving in the army,“ minister of defense of the Czech republic Karla Šlechtová (ANO) said.

On the new website the aspirants for joining the army will find information on military schools, active reserve, or the actual list of available positions and the necessary contacts. The chief of the section of recruitment of the army Lenka Šmerdová said that the aim was to create the most lucid website possible. „We wanted to have a modern design, clean graphics and an easy usage,“, she added.

During the last years the army is trying to complete it’s formations which were weakened due to the saving measures during the economic crisis. At the beggining of 2014 there were 20.864 professional soldiers at the ministry of defense, now they are nearly 3400 more. These figures do not include the employees of the secret service of the Military intelligence, their numbers are not made public by the ministry.

According to the chief of the general staff Josef Bečvář in the long term the army does well in recruiting. „I am happy that there is a huge interest in serving with the active reserve and in voluntary military exercises,“ he said this week.

Bečvář recognised that in the years to come the recruitement may get complicated due to the decreasing unemployment rates. Also the police and other security branches strengten their ranks. The army units are complete at 82 percent he said in december to the ČTK. After completing the personal tables the recruitement will not stop however. According to the long term plans the theoretical number of soldiers should rise of about 5000.

Sýkora said to the ČTK that last year the recruitement goal was 2000 new soldiers, and 2173 were admited. The army made a selektion from nearly 10.000 aspirants for the service. The service ended for 820 soldiers, so the clean increase presented 1353 new professional soldiers. According to him, another 170 civil and 30 public employeeds were admited. The ministry of defense actually has 6690 civil employees and 1170 public employees.

Source: ČTK

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