The companies of the Czechoslovak Group will be presented at the IDEX 2021 trade fair in Abu Dhabi

The companies of the Czechoslovak Group will be presented at the IDEX 2021 trade fair in Abu Dhabi
Author: Excalibur Army|Caption: CSG at IDEX 2019
25 / 01 / 2021, 10:00

Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, IDEX 2021, one of the world's largest traditional defense and technology fairs, will take place in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from February 21 to 25. Traditionally, the exhibitors will also include companies belonging to the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) holding and the Kopřivnice car manufacturer Tatra Trucks.

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The companies of the CSG holding plan to present several novelties and interesting exhibits at the IDEX 2021 trade fair. The Excalibur Army, Retia, MSM Group representing the Slovak branch of the CSG holding, and the Kopřivnice car manufacturer Tatra Trucks will present themselves. Hundreds of companies from several dozen countries of the world exhibit regularly at the IDEX trade fair, which takes place every two years. The exhibition of the CSG and Tatra has traditionally enjoyed great attention. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the course of this year's fair will be somewhat different, and the company presentations and their size will be adapted to the epidemiological measures.

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At IDEX 2021, the Excalibur Army company plans to exhibit its new DITA self-propelled wheeled howitzer with a 155 mm caliber weapon. The vehicle will eventually have its public world premiere in Abu Dhabi. The new howitzer will expand the portfolio of the company in this category. It is also planned to present the Patriot II armored vehicle, if the complicated situation related to epidemiological measures allows it. Excalibur Army will present its other products in the form of presentation materials and large-scale visualizations.

Another exhibitor in the CSG stand will be Retia. It will present the 3D radar ReGUARD, which had its world premiere in Abu Dhabi two years ago. In addition, Retia will also be exhibiting a special ReTWis 5 radar device, which is capable of detecting living objects and people behind non-metallic obstacles. MSM Group will show a range of its medium-caliber ammunition, as well as modern large-caliber 155 mm ammunition for artillery systems, which is in great demand in the world. MSM Group will also present new products in the form of 105 mm and 120 mm ammunition from the portfolio of the Spanish manufacturer Fábrica de Municiones de Granada (FMG), which became part of it last year.

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Kopřivnice-based Tatra Trucks will present a four-axle logistics vehicle and a special two-axle military chassis at the IDEX 2021 trade fair. In the first case, it will be a heavy Tatra Force 8x8 car for transporting loads, which is equipped with a short armored cabin produced by Tatra Defense Vehicle. Its capacity is almost 20 tons of cargo and is equipped with a hydraulic crane with a capacity of almost 6 tons. The second exhibit will be a special chassis of the Tatra Force model series in the 4x4 design. It is a chassis platform designed for various armored vehicles.

The importance of the IDEX trade fair is constantly growing. This is evidenced by the number of exhibitors - in 2017, more than 1,200 exhibitors from more than 57 countries had their exhibitions at the fair, two years later it was more than 1,300 exhibitors from 62 countries. It is not without interest that in 2017 and 2019 the companies of the Czechoslovak Group holding and the Tatra Trucks carmaker exhibited on the largest area of ​​all Czech participants and also occupied an important place among European exhibitors.


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