Survey: feel of safety highly increased in the Czech republic in the past two years

Survey: feel of safety highly increased in the Czech republic in the past two years
Caption: Czech police
13 / 03 / 2018, 08:30

In the past two years the feel of safety has highly inscreased in the Czech republic. Now 86 percent of people feel safe, which is 10 percent points more than by the end of 2015, as emerges from the december survey by the Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM).

About 7 people from 10 expressed content with the activities of the police on national and local levels. It is the highest rate of satisfaction since ever the CVVM asks this question.

The increased feel of safety results probably from the fact that the Czech republic saw no terrorist attack so far, the country did not see any massive influx of migrants and is considered to be a safe region, the authors of the survey said.

In the Czech republic 86 percent of answerers feel safe, 65 of them say rather yes, and 21 percent say resolutely yes. Twelve percent of the Czechs rather do not feel safe, and two percent resolutely do not feel safe. In the past 15 years during which the CVVM observes the feel of safety with it’s surveys, the number of people who feel safe has increased and almost doubled – from 45 percent to 86 percent. Even slightly more people feel safe at the place of their residence where the number reaches 88 percent.

The satisfaction with police gradually rises within the society. 71 percent of answerers is satisfied with the work of the policemen within the entire republic, which is the highest rate since 2002, when the CVVM started to ask this question. 74 percent of citizens expressed their satisfaction with the work of the police at the place of their residence, the highest rate in 25 years.

The biggest threat to the safety are, according to two thirds of answerers, the terrorist groups or individuals. „More than half of the answerers continues to perceive the refugees as a threat, international organized crime and radical religious movements. Their number declined of about one tenth in the past two years,“ the analysts of the CVVM said. About one quarter of people is afraid of the left or right wing extremists, foreign intelligence services and foreigners who live in the Czech republic.

Since 2015 the results did not dramatically change except for the threat of war, now perceived as a safety threat by 20 percent of people less than two years ago.
Source: ČTK

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