Šlechtová: The Cyber Agency did not approve connection of radars from Israel

Šlechtová: The Cyber Agency did not approve connection of radars from Israel
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13 / 03 / 2018, 14:00

The National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB) did not approve the documenation on purchase of army radars that the Czech republic is ready to buy from the Israelis.

At recent conditions it won’t allow their connection to the NATO systems. Resigned minister of defense Karla Šlechtová (ANO) said in Partie on the Prima television today. Therefore she asked for a new expert opinion and a new standpoint by lay office.

Already at her installation Šlechtova said she would audit big tenders that are prepared by the ministry or close to be finished. From the last term of office there is, among others, the tender of purchase of mobile radars from Israel awating signature.

,,With regard to the fact that I dispose of the final standpoint by the NÚKIB that the actual documentation cannot get the approval, the day before yestarday (on friday) I arranged a meeting of the ministry executives and generals, where I learned that half of the deputies did not have the final agreement, and only had expert opinions on the old version of the agreement,“ minister said.

Without certification by the Cyber Agency the radars cannot be connected with the NATO systém. After the signature of the agreement with Israel the Czech republic would pay for purchase and transport of eight radars but it would not be able to use them effectively.

Therefore Šlechtová decided to make a new expert opinion on the final version of the agreement and a new standpoint by lay office. She also asked the ministry of foreign affairs for a standpoint. The content it it’s answer is supposedly restricted, yet according to Šlechtová it says the agreement with Israel must undergo improvements.

„If I get everything and if it will be de jure all right, I’ll go to the national security council and I’ll ask the governement to charge me to go ahead with this tender,“ minister added.

The tender on purchase of multi-purpose helicopters is shortly before final decision too. Šlechtová doubts whether it is necessary that the helicopters had all capabilities that the generals required. She wants the real needs of the helicopters to be mentionned in the tender. „I will not order some sci-fi helicopters that are not offered on the market. We would loose to many years,“ she said.

She wanted to get results of the new marketing research till the 18th january, but she did not obtain them from the officials yet. She also wants the final specification of the tender from the chief of general staff Josef Bečvář till 31st january, so the ministry could subsequently call for it.

Besides these two tenders the previous governement with minister of defense Martin Stropnický (ANO) approved other big tenders too. I.e. those were purchase of dozens of armored vehicles or modernization of artillery guns. It can be expected that the signature of agreements concerning these projects reaching the values of billions of Czech crowns will be postponed a little.

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