Ray Service and GDELS celebrate fifteen years of collaboration

Ray Service and GDELS celebrate fifteen years of collaboration
Author: rayservice.com
25 / 03 / 2021, 10:00

Ray Service, a Czech innovative manufacturer of cable harnesses and electrical equipment, celebrates the 15th anniversary of its partnership with General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS). Both companies are ready to expand their cooperation with additional opportunities in the form of new military contracts and European development initiatives. This will not be different in the case with potential deliveries of new Infantry Fighting Vehicles for the Czech Army.

The cooperation of both entities has already started with offset projects related to the PANDUR II program of the Army of the Czech Republic. The first batch of 107 Czech PANDUR vehicles formed the basis for a functioning cooperation and Ray Service became the preferred and trusted partner for GDELS-Steyr and for all other PANDUR programs that followed.

In 2015, the partnership was expanded by GDELS to include the Swiss subsidiary Mowag, a leader in wheeled armored vehicles. First for the PIRANHA project and then also for EAGLE and DURO, which means practically for the entire range of wheeled vehicles. The subsequent integration of Ray Service into the international supply chain for GD Corporation helped the company expand its exports to Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Denmark, Germany, Kuwait, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland and the USA.

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"Looking back over the last 15 years, we are especially proud of our strategic partnership with GDELS. Thanks to long-term cooperation, we have been able to increase our technological expertise and industrial skills, especially in the field of military ground systems. This has ensured us continued business growth and opened up new opportunities for our business," says Jakub Gabriel, CEO of Ray Service.

In order to further strengthen mutual cooperation, GDELS has chosen Ray Service as a partner for most of its upcoming projects, including the Swiss EAGLE TASYS program and many other international activities. GDELS also plans to relocate its prototyping of electrical subassemblies to Ray Service, thereby strengthening the interdependence of the two companies' production chains.

An interesting milestone in the cooperation between the two companies is the ongoing tender for the replacement of Infantry Fighting Vehicles for the Army of the Czech Republic. It will be the largest initiative of purchasing in the field of ground forces in Czech history and currently one of the largest in Europe. GDELS, as one of the participants in the competition, again plans to use Ray Service's technological expertise, this time for its ASCOD IFV.

Mutually beneficial industrial partnerships, such as the partnership between GDELS and Ray Service, are the result of the company's long-term strategy for industrial cooperation. "Cooperation is our DNA," says Marc-Aurel Bischoff, Senior Director of EU-Policy & Industrial Affairs at GDELS, adding, "We offer significant added value to local industrial partners long before we even start negotiations with political or military decision-makers."

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Since its first operation in the Czech Republic, GDELS has generated benefits for the Czech economy worth more than 28 billion crowns. “We strive to actively support the successful development of our local business partners. The stronger our partners, the better for our common business ambitions,” Bischoff concludes.

The main priority of cooperation between the two companies remains to be a trustworthy partner and reliable supplier of quality products and services for the Czech Army and succeed with the unrivaled GDELS strategy, which can mean long-term economic benefits for the Czech Republic and its industry.

About General Dynamics European Landing Systems

General Dynamics European Landing Systems (GDELS) is a European division of the General Dynamics Group, which specializes in ground and bridge systems and serves armies throughout Europe. GDELS is strongly customer-oriented and has extensive experience in integrating combat vehicles and bridge systems to meet all 21st century military, security and safety requirements. GDELS has a team of more than 2,400 professionals and is actively involved in creating value-added employment in the EU.

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