Major Czech defence industry companies adhere to Government emergency regulations and continue to produce

Major Czech defence industry companies adhere to Government emergency regulations and continue to produce
23 / 03 / 2020, 10:00

The leading special manufacturing companies of the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) have taken sanitary and safety measures in connection with the pandemic of the new type of coronavirus in accordance with the Government emergency declaration and adapted production to the emergency situation. The Šternberg company Excalibur Army and the Kopřivnice company Tatra Defence Vehicle continue to produce and work on contracted orders and projects.

At the Excalibur company, the management has announced new internal rules for the production and labor operations and the movement of employees. The measures are intended to prevent any spread of the disease and to protect the health of workers. For example, gathering of employees is avoided, workers who do not need to be present at the company headquarters are working from home, with emphasis being placed on electronic or telephone communication to reduce personal contact. The company continues to fulfill its production program and contracted services and is working on its projects.

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For example, it is currently developing the recently completed decontamination vehicle TMVA DECON-17 EX on the Tatra Force chassis for a foreign customer. Certain restriction is the closure of specific municipalities in the Olomouc region, from which some employees of the company commute and are currently unable to enter employment. The company management is also postponing the deadline for company-wide holidays in connection with a pandemic, thereby helping the Government preventive measures.

Production continues in the Kopřivnice company Tatra Defence Vehicle (TDV). However, the company has implemented measures to eliminate the risk of contagion among employees, in accordance with governmental regulations and as directed by hygienists. The measures are both hygienic and personal. The fulfillment of orders, services and smooth running of development projects directly in the company is ensured only by the necessary number of employees, others work from home, communication and common agenda is handled electronically or by telephone.

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At present, TDV mainly produces special versions of Pandur II CZ vehicles for the Czech Army and services its Pandurs, it is working on Pandur II vehicles for Indonesia, and development work on the TITUS vehicle project for the Czech Army continues as well.

Currently both companies continue to carry out the contracts, but the coronavirus pandemic will have a long-term impact on their business. However, the pandemic has a strong impact on subcontractors, and will also cover, for example, marketing and business activities for the future.

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Some subcontractors are likely to have difficulty fulfilling their obligations to the CSG holding companies properly and on time, which may endanger the performance of their contracts. “It is likely that significant industry exhibitions and trade fairs will be canceled or postponed. It is not possible to fully communicate with customers. It is true that electronic means cannot completely replace the real presentation of products and personal conduct. In the context of the discussion on reducing the armament projects of the Army of the Czech Republic, it is important to take into account the situation of the Czech defense industry. It is more efficient for the state to support domestic businesses by continuing their armaments projects, rather than having to provide them with financial support. But there is still time for this debate, ”said Tomáš Mohapl, CEO of the Tatra Defence Vehicle.

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