Juilee NATO Days 2020 - a European experiment with great success

Juilee NATO Days 2020 - a European experiment with great success
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05 / 10 / 2020, 10:00

One of the most attended events in the Czech Republic, NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Army Air Force Days, took place for the first time this year due to the coronavirus crisis without visitors, but with a great audience response. From the beginning of its preparation, it was an experiment of European scale, with which no one had experience so far. The organizers and the professional public talk about the great success, because the event was seen live by over 900,000 spectators.

On the weekend of September 19 and 20, the jubilee year of NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Army Air Force Days took place at Leoš Janáček Airport in Ostrava. Although the event was threatened by the coronavirus situation and there was a risk that this year's largest security show in Europe would not take place, the organizers decided to maintain the necessary continuity of the event and hold it without visitors, but for spectators.

"The vast majority of organizers of similar events in Europe canceled their events and went the way of commemorative television shows offline, which often met with an audience of only thousands of viewers. We were convinced that the live broadcast has a much greater value and based on the annual high viewership of Czech Television's live broadcasts, we decided to hold the event without visitors, but for the spectators. Although I do not deny that we were tense until the last moment, how everything will turn out in the end," Zbyněk Pavlačík, chairman of Jagello 2000, which organizes the event, said.

The organizers, in cooperation with partners, prepared a number of live broadcasts via Czech Television, the iDnes portal and social networks, through which spectators had the opportunity to watch events directly on the screen for dynamic demonstrations and in the sky above. For the first time, a similar event used Wave Relay technology, which, based on the principle of a personal camera, made it possible for viewers to see what some of the actors in the dynamic demonstrations were seeing. The verified ratings data also surprised the organizers themselves, because after the sum of viewership of all used communication channels for live broadcasts, the number 913 thousand appeared, of which only Czech Television was 701 thousand, according to a peoplemeter measurement.

"The live broadcast of NATO Days has definitely found its fans. In particular, live broadcasts on ČT24, where the broadcasts reached an 8% share of the television audience, are above average for the news channel in the long run,“ says Pavel Herot, director of the media-analytical company Media Tenor. "I expect growth in the future for all platforms on which NATO Days were broadcast. All of them are available in real time via the Internet, which, with the increasing availability of data, is also interesting for visitors, who will hopefully be able to come and see the next year in person," Herot added on future perspectives.

"I firmly hope that this year's experience of holding an event without visitors will never be repeated. However, the experience with online broadcasts gained this year will be important for the future. Thank you to everyone who took part in the event for believing in us and helping to bring the event to a successful end," Zbyněk Pavlačík, Chairman of Jagello 2000, said.

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