Czech-Polish agreement on an armored vehicle for the Polish Army signed

Czech-Polish agreement on an armored vehicle for the Polish Army signed
Author: Excalibur Army|Caption: Patriot 4x4 Tactical APC
14 / 09 / 2020, 10:00

On Tuesday, September 8, at the International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Polish company Huta Stalowa Wola and the Czech company Tatra Export from the Czechoslovak Group. Its subject was the delivery of an armored vehicle on a Tatra 4x4 chassis and a complete technical documentation that would enable the production of the vehicle in Poland.

The agreement was signed on behalf of the Polish side by Bartłomiej Zając, President of Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW), and Wojciech Grzonka, Vice President of the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) holding together with Jaroslav Strnad Jr., on behalf of the Czech side. It concerns the cooperation on an armored vehicle with a Tatra 4x4 chassis, which has not yet been given an official name. The vehicle will be offered to the Polish army as part of various programs and projects on which Polska Grupa Zbrojena (PGZ) is working - a holding company operating in the field of defense industry, of which Huta Stalowa Wola is a part. The vehicle is to expand its range of chassis for command and support variants of wheeled armored vehicles, used mainly for the needs of artillery and missile forces.

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After signing the agreement, Wojciech Grzonka stated: “The Polish defense industry is a natural partner of the Czech industry, also thanks to the membership of both countries in the V4. Today's agreement represents a unique opportunity for the use of the Tatra chassis in the Polish Armed Forces. It should also be a new impetus for cooperation between companies from the PGZ group and companies from the CSG holding not only in Poland but also in other markets."

Bartłomiej Zając added: “We focus on the production of artillery systems. Our strategy is to offer comprehensive solutions, including modules for command and fire control, which we develop in cooperation with member companies of the PGZ holding and private companies. Obtaining a license for the production of a 4x4 armored vehicle in Poland significantly expands our ability to provide the Polish Army with solutions tailored to its programs in the field of artillery development. We really appreciate the fact that our partner is the Czech industry and the Tatra brand."

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The Polish Armed Forces are working to increase their tactical and strategic mobility. The Tatra 4x4 chassis with excellent off-road performance is suitable for this purpose, which can serve as a universal basis for various specialized versions for all types of troops. The modern design of the vehicle brings very good driving characteristics, low operating costs and high comfort for the operators. The result of the cooperation between the CSG and HSW holding companies should be presented at the MSPO exhibition in Kielce next year.


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