Czech defence budget to reach CZK 75.5 billion for 2020 - is it enough?

Czech defence budget to reach CZK 75.5 billion for 2020 - is it enough?
Caption: ShKH M77 DANA 152mm Self-Propelled Gun Howitzers
16 / 01 / 2020, 10:00

The defence budget for this year is CZK 75.5 billion (USD 3.32 billion). It is a 13% increase compared to 2019, when the budget reached 66,7 billion (1.19 % of GDP). Almost a quarter of this year's budget will be invested, ie over 18 billion crowns.On the other hand, it is 780 million behind MoD’s expectations presented in 2018. Next year the budget should reach CZK 85.3 billion (USD 3.75 billion), and the Government plans to reach 2 % of GDP defence expenditure in 2024. The last „concept of construction of the Czech Army“ aims at 150 billion in 2030.

The defense budget has been growing steadily in recent years. "The goal is to modernize and strengthen our army," Defence Minister Lubomír Metnar explains. The Ministry of Defence modernizes the Army of the Czech Republic according to the concepts approved for many years ahead. The Government has recently approved the Concept of the Construction of the Army of the Czech Republic until 2030 and development is also governed by another plan, the Long-term Defense Perspective 2035.

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“Modernizing the army is my absolute priority. We are doing our utmost to ensure that our troops have the best equipment available,” Minister Metnar said. For example, in 2019, the Ministry of Defence concluded contracts and framework agreements for CZK 43 billion for vehicles, armament and equipment. For example, the Army will receive 62 TITUS (Tactical Infantry Transport and Utility System) armored vehicles, more than 70 Tatra trucks, 7 light reconnaissance vehicles, thousands of ballistic helmets or Starkom mobile jammers (the contract was signed on 13th December with the Military Research Institute). Intergovernmental contracts were signed to purchase eight MADR mobile radars from Israel and twelve multi-purpose helicopters from the US. A contract was signed with the manufacturer for the purchase of two new CASA aircraft and the modernization of four existing ones.

Armaments and modernization of the Czech Army will continue at the same rate in 2020. The Ministry of Defence plans to conclude several other strategic projects, which are essential for ensuring the defence of the Czech Republic and fulfilling our country's obligations within NATO. As a result, the military should receive 210 new tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicles, 52 NATO-caliber guns and fire control systems, a small transport aircraft, thousands of new Czech small arms, over thirty thousand ballistic vests, anti-aircraft missile sets and other equipment.

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According to the Government's plans presented earlier, the Czech defence expenditure should reach 1.4 % by 2020, and 2 % by 2024. It reached 1.13 % in 2018, and 1.19 % in 2019, at CZK 66.735 billion (USD 2.954 billion). An increase of 13 % won’t probably make it for 1.4 % this year. The GDP should grow by 1.6 %, and if so, the MoD’s budget reaches 1,33 % of the GDP, and will be slightly behind the schedule.

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