EVPÚ Defense, an experienced player in the field of modernization programs for the Czech and other NATO armies

EVPÚ Defense, an experienced player in the field of modernization programs for the Czech and other NATO armies
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14 / 11 / 2019, 10:00

Interview with Czech Chief Sales Officer of EVPÚ Defense, Patrik Hlůšek, about the technologies that the Czech market leader in optoelectronics supplies to the market, about novelties that the company is preparing and about how sanctions against Russia have influenced the market.

  • Are there any specific military contracts in which the EVPÚ wants to participate?

It is no secret that, as a leader in the field of optoelectronics, we were approached by companies participating in the selektion procedure for the largest discussed contract of the Czech Army for the modernization of the IFV. It was not surprising that these companies were interested in cooperation with us, as the condition for 40% participation of the Czech industry and a wide portfolio of products from weapon stations, command and shooting sights, laser radiation detectors, vehicle perimeter protection system and of course monitoring systems equipped with radars not only for reconnaissance and observation vehicles logically brought them to us.

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  • After years of decline, the Czech Army purchases new equipment and expands, how will the Czech leader in optoelectronics and its integration contribute to the modernization of our army?

It is certainly worth mentioning that the products of our company have long been introduced in the Czech Army on various vehicles such as LOS-M, Sněžka-M, KOVS, KOVŠ. Recently, the current order for 80 CBRN vehicles or the command and communication variant of the Pandur 8x8 vehicle. Due to the fact that most of the latter were delivered many years ago, we are of course able to provide modernization of electrooptical equipment.

  • How difficult was this year in terms of participation in fairs and where did you present your products?

This year was one of the most demanding from the point of view of exhibitions, it is customary that always odd years are richer in exhibitions. Moreover, this year we had the largest exhibition space in the history of the company. It was the IDET exhibition, which took place in early summer in Brno. The reason we chose this exhibition is obvious, namely the involvement of our company in a number of military projects, including the largest for the modernization of the IFV program.

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  • Which of your products are the most succesful abroad?

Given the wide portfolio of products offered, it is not easy to tell which of our products is the most succesful, but it is true that due to the increase in military orders, products specifically designed for the military sector are coming to the forefront. Here the Seecheck perimeter protection system is very popular, as well as command and gun sights for use at various weapon stations.

  • Do you intend to expand your product portfolio with other modern systems in the coming years?

We are constantly working to expand our portfolio. We could say that we produce some of the best positioning devices in the world. Customers are accustomed to the precision and reliability of our systems. The requirements are more demanding with each year and therefore we plan to introduce new products in our portfolio next year.

  • What novelties are you planning for 2020?

Would it be a novelty if we introduced it today? I can assure you and the reader that there are novelties that we are preparing for next year, but for now we do not want to comment on them in detail. The competition certainly is not asleep, so let's be surprised at what it will bring next year. Anyway, we are looking forward to next year.

  • How is the supply of police, ie monitoring systems and optoelectric vehicles involved in your orders?

Cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic has long been very close. We are very happy that it uses various products of our company and as far as I know the Police is satisfied with them. This can be evidenced by the vehicles we delivered in 2004, and a recent report on the successful use of these vehicles on the Macedonian border was broadcast on TV. The police also use not only VAN vehicles, but also roof boxes, which allow them to be very easy to install on any vehicle and instantly inspect areas of interest and detect intruders within several kilometers.

  • Last year you delivered several Volkswagen Crafter vehicles equipped with thermal imaging and monitoring equipment to the Foreign Police. Can you tell us how these systems are capable of helping the police in practice?

Crafter vehicles serve the Foreign Police both in the Czech Republic and in other states within the Schengen area, where they are used from time to time on foreign missions.

The big advantage of these vehicles is that the entire system, including the office, is implemented in a single vehicle. As a result, operators are able to control a range of up to 25 km in a minimum number. This capability allows vehicles to be used in places where it would otherwise be very difficult to build the infrastructure necessary for monitoring purposes.

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  • What are the main markets for you and where do you plan to expand in the coming years?

EU markets are traditionally strong, with most of our products heading there, but we are seeing a growing interest in products and services from territories such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Of course, business goals include exploring interest from territories where we have been very active so far.

  • Is the embargo against Russia a problem for EVPÚ Defense?

Although I would very much like to avoid the word problem in connection with the embargo, it is the most appropriate word. Fortunately, the embargo does not apply to civilian products. We are still able to supply equipment for the protection of solar power plants, oil refineries and similar civilian buildings. We have many years of experience with this, especially for regions with long winters and low temperatures up to -60 ° C.

  • In recent years, the share of exports in your sales has steadily increased, has this year changed something about this trend?

This trend still persists, however, given the above-mentioned successful contracts for the Czech Army, such as the project of 80 CBRN vehicles and others, we believe that this ratio will be equalized.

  • Industrial companies complain about the lack of skilled workers, how is the EVPÚ Defense?

At the moment we have been successful in selekting suitable qualified workers, but with the completion of the construction of the new production hall, we will be faced with the challenge of significantly increasing these numbers in the future. I believe that even by establishing a company profile on professional social networks, it can play a positive role in the search for workers.

  • What success has the company been most proud of in the last period?

There are several successes in the last time we are proud of. Appreciation of specific products, where one of the recently developed systems, namely the CMS-1 commander panoramic sight won the IDET NEWS award. We are also pleased that we have been able to complete the construction of a new production hall, which will enable us to double our production capacity in the future, maintaining a high level of flexibility and short delivery times that are very important to our customers.

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