Security fairs will feature prestigious exhibitors and top exhibits

Security fairs will feature prestigious exhibitors and top exhibits
19 / 04 / 2019, 11:15

Spending on defence worldwide is growing and the development of defence and security technologies is accelerating. All this is positively reflected in the 15th IDET International Defence and Security Technologies Fair, which is to take place at the Brno Display Centre from 29th to 31st May 2019. Concurrently with it, the 19th PYROS International Fire Fighting Equipment and Services Fair and the 10th ISET International Security Technology and Services Fair will be held.

IDET is a prestigious display of defence, fire fighting and security technologies in Central and Eastern Europe. It is an extraordinary opportunity for the Czech defence and security industry to comprehensively present its offer to potential customers from all over the world.

IDET as a trading platform for the defence industry

Virtually none of the important members of the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic will miss the IDET fair. “The interest of exhibitors in IDET is higher than two years ago; the fair will be more extensive and richer in exhibits. The increase is mainly due to the significant expansion of rented display space, as companies want to showcase a higher number of attractive exhibits,” says Michalis Busios, director of the security fairs. The fair will feature all the key candidates for the largest contract in the history of the Army of the Czech Republic worth 53 billion crowns. The 210 infantry tracked combat vehicle contractor is likely to be selekted among four companies, including British BAE Systems (CV-90), Spanish General Dynamics European Land Systems (Ascod) and two German companies PSM (Puma) and RheinmetallLandsysteme (Lynx). Visitors to IDET can also see all four of the considered armoured vehicles. Of course, their exhibitors will also present other exhibits at their displays.

Exhibitors' news

Czech companies such as EVPÚ Defence, ČeskáZbrojovka, Glomex MS, Omnipol, VOP CZ, SVOS, LOM PRAHA, PRAGA-Export and others will obviously be present at the fair. The Czechoslovak Group display will be decorated with the legendary Black Hawk army helicopter. 

Newcomers to IDET include the company Nimrod – Ivo Štorek , which will introduce new sniper rifles, automatic guns and the latest range of riflescopes. Also the manufacturer of industrial X-rays, ELEDUS, will have its premiere. In its display you will see a new compact X-ray device SCIOX Security for wiretapping search and checking mail or luggage. An unmanned helicopter will be boasted the first-time exhibitor Modelárna LIAZZetor Engineering  will showcase its Gerlach armoured vehicle.

The Military Technology Institute is preparing a record-breakingly large stand this year. It will exhibit for the first time not only inside the hall, but also in the outdoor area, where it will present its new antenna masts. Its current projects and new defence research and development technologies will feature, for example, a modernized biobox for the transport of deadly infected people or modernized weapon systems including a 60 mm mortar. News for this year are reported by both large and smaller exhibitors across various sectors. For example, the companyAliter Technologies will introduce a virtual VIMA mast that replaces the traditional mechanical masts. The radar equipment and airport surveillance and landing radar manufacturer T-CZ will display its new SIMON monitoring system and the recently completed LVA aerial. 

The company Olympus  Czech Group will showcase a new device for visual inspection of hard-to-reach areas with UV and IR lighting. The company NIDES  brings,  among other products, its new model of remote-controlled Telemax robot for pyrotechnic applications. The Prison Service of the Czech Republic will present the latest escort vehicles at its display, the conditions of inmates and persons in detention, and illicit items confiscated from detained persons. In two dynamic demonstrations, members of the operative escort group and units under single command will present themselves.

Large international attendance

IDET reaffirms its importance also with the high proportion of foreign exhibitors. For the first time, the Belgian company CMI Defence, which manufactures state-of-the-art weapon systems for military vehicles, is exhibiting here, and after several years, the Finnish manufacturer of armoured vehicles, PATRIA, is returning. Aircraft manufacturer Embraer is coming from Brazil for the first time and Lockheed Martin is returning from the US as one of the industry's leading brands and also as an IDET partner. There will be also the largest Israeli aircraft manufacturer IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries

The so-called Special Focus of the fair this year, meaning a special theme, will be dedicated to Swedish-Czech cooperation in the defence industry. For example, Sweden will be represented by Saab Technologies as the Gripen aircraft manufacturer.A national display is being prepared by the Swedish Defence Industry Association . There will be presented additional Swedish manufacturers and two Swedish companies will also exhibit at the BAE Systems display .

Gold IDET Awards

The best exhibits will again compete for the prestigious Gold IDET award. Exhibits will be evaluated for example inthe categories of military and security technology, military and security communications and information technology or military and security logistics and services. The official announcement of the competition results and the award ceremony will take place on 29 May 2019 as part of the IDET 2019 opening ceremony.

IDET ARENA and other attractive supporting programme

IDET ARENA will be in operation again, which is an off-road polygon for dynamic military, fire fighting and police equipment demonstrationsin action.The programme of this demonstration track will start daily at 10:00 a.m. (Wednesday from 11:30 a.m., Saturday from 9:30 a.m.). There will be demo drives of vehicles, demonstrations of the intervention of the units of the Police of the Czech Republic, the Fire Rescue Service, the Municipal Police, the Army of the Slovak Republic, the Prison Service of the Czech Republic and the Customs Administration.

During the security fairs will, excellent professional supporting programme will also be featured,bringing together defence and security technology professionals from various countries.The University of Defence in Brno is once again preparing the  traditional CATE Conference (Community-Army-Technology-Environment). There will also be a professional conference with international participationcalled Pyromeeting. It will take place on 30 May 2019 in the congress hall of the Continental Hotel in Brno. The conference is organized by the Ministry of the Interior – General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Czech Association of Fire Brigade Officers and the company Trade Fairs Brno. This year's conference is focused on climate change.

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