You learn to fly on the GROB G 120 TP and then you learn to fight on the L-39NG - says former Major of the Luftwaffe

You learn to fly on the GROB G 120 TP and then you learn to fight on the L-39NG - says former Major of the Luftwaffe
Caption: Tom Reinert, Grob Aircraft
18 / 11 / 2020, 10:00

During the NATO Days 2020 held in Ostrava in September, the modern GROB G 120TP turboprop aircraft was introduced to us by Major (ret.) of the German Luftwaffe Tom Reinert, who also participated in supporting the transition of the Czech Air Force to NATO's tactical flying method in 1998. He now works for Grob Aircraft, whose G 120 TP aircraft was developed as part of a training system from which the pilot can easily switch to, for example, the advanced L-39 NG jet manufactured by the Czech company Aero Vodochody, thanks to compatible controls.

Could you please introduce yourself and the company you represent?

My name is Tom Reinert and I am a retired major of the German Luftwaffe. I work as a chief pilot and head of sales for Grob Aircraft in Germany. I'm here with the GROB G 120 TP, you can see the aircraft in between I guess, and I am standing in front of the L-39NG, which I’ll talk to us about later. The GROB G 120 TP is not just an aircraft, it is a complete training system. Here we only exhibit an airplane, but at home we have a complete ground based training system built around it. It is the Pilot Selection Evaluation System, Computer Based Training and simulator, which together form a complete training system, and that’s actually the game changer in this training system.

Here behind me you can see the L-39NG, and we have some interesting points in common with it. The avionic system in both aircraft is exactly the same. It's the Genesys Aerosystems IDU 680 electronic flight information system. That means you're learning to fly the GROB G 120 TP, and then you can switch to the L-39 NG, where you'll find the exact same avionics system so you know which buttons to press when you sit in it and fly.

It is a great opportunity in the Czech Republic. We trade worldwide, globally, in the field of military flight training, and here we have a unique opportunity to work with Aero Vodochody, which has developed an excellent jet training aircraft. In Germany we have an excellent aircraft for basic training GROB G 120 TP, combined with the same avionics system as the L-39 NG. And this is a set that makes transitional training almost obsolete. On the G 120 TP you will learn to fly, you will board the L-39 NG, where you will learn to fight. And the cockpit is exactly the same.

My experience in the Czech Republic dates back to 1998. When I was still flying in the German Luftwaffe, we had a partnership with the 32nd Tactical Air Force Base, and we introduced the Czech Air Force to NATO's tactical flying style. And now, 22 years later, I am proud to be at the 20th NATO Days to celebrate that the Czech Republic has been a member of NATO, now for more than 20 years, and that we have this unique opportunity. And I'm proud to have been a part of it since 1998.

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