TREVA-15: Tactical Recovery and Evacution Vehicle from Excalibur Army

TREVA-15: Tactical Recovery and Evacution Vehicle from Excalibur Army
Author: photo: Excalibur Army|Caption: TREVA-15
30 / 05 / 2022, 09:00

The product portfolio of the Sternberg-based company Excalibur Army includes, among other things, the TREVA-15 tactical recovery vehicle.

Visitors to the IDET 2019 trade fair, where it made its world premiere, could see this interesting vehicle, as well as the NATO Days three years ago, where the TREVA-15 (Tactical Recovery and Evacuation Vehicle) was also on display. At that time, the novelty from Excalibur Army attracted the attention of the general public and professionals. It is certainly not without interest that the TREVA-15 is a vehicle that does not depend on foreign suppliers, the already mentioned chassis, components, associated parts and systems are of Czech origin.

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TREVA-15 is a tactical recovery and evacuation vehicle based on the Tatra Force 8x8 chassis. The Tatra chassis allows the vehicle to overcome vertical obstacles up to 0.4 m, cross 2 m wide ditches and wade through water obstacles without preparation up to 1.2 m deep, and with preparation up to 1.5 m deep. Just in this context, let us add that the same platform is also used by the AM-70 EX bridge vehicle, which, like the TREVA-15, comes from the Excalibur Army product portfolio.

The vehicle is designed for the recovery and removal of cars, armoured wheeled vehicles and other equipment, and for this purpose it uses suspension, towing and tying fixtures, which are also adapted to work with Pandur II CZ 8x8 armoured vehicles from the Czech Army's equipment.

The vehicle is powered by a 300 kW Tatra T3C-928.90 air-cooled direct-cooled eight-cylinder engine, which gives the vehicle a speed of up to 80 km/h, and in difficult terrain the TREVA-15 can move at speeds of up to 25 km/h. The driver has the option of manual or automated transmission. The range of the vehicle is 800 km.

For the TREVA-15, the designers have used the TATRA-15's extended Force cab with four doors, which has space for the driver, operator and four other soldiers. The design of the TREVA-15 is based on the AV-15 and therefore retains its durability, reliability and ease of operation.

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The TREVA-15 is capable of moving vehicles up to 40 tons using a tow bar, up to 30 tons in semi-extended state and can pull braked trailers up to 65 tons. The vehicle also uses a crane for its purpose, which can have a lifting capacity of 15 to 20 tons. There is also a main winch with a rope length of 150 m and a maximum pulling force of 44 tons when the rope is equipped with two pulleys.

In terms of other equipment, the vehicle also has an auxiliary winch with a pulling force of 0.6 tons and a rope length of 320 m. The vehicle is also equipped with a plough or workshop workstation or an overload device and a device to protect against contact with high-voltage lines. On the other hand, the equipment can be extended, the final design depending on individual customer requirements.

In its segment, the TREVA-15 is a robust, reliable platform that is also simple to operate.

Source: Excalibur Army

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