The Lynx KF41 – Rheinmetall’s powerful and versatile predator aspires to become the new Czech IFV platform

The Lynx KF41 – Rheinmetall’s powerful and versatile predator aspires to become the new Czech IFV platform
29 / 05 / 2019, 13:45

Rheinmetall’s new Lynx KF41 is among the world’s most advanced modular medium-weight armoured fighting vehicles. The German based specialist for security and mobility is cooperating with prominent Czech companies to offer the Lynx to the Czech Armed Forces as a replacement for the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle. The cooperation partners are showcasing the current version of the Lynx, complete with a Lance 2.0 turret, at IDET 2019.

Lynx: lethal, survivable, agile, versatile

From its inception,Lynx was developed as a modular family of vehicles. Based on proven technologies, it is designed for maximum lethality, survivability, mobility and versatile performance. An array of powerful weaponry, latest force protection technology and all-terrain agility contribute to the tracked vehicle’s battlefield superiority. The versatility of Lynx lends itself to military operations of every kind – from peacekeeping missions to high-intensity warfare.

The Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicle (KF stands for ‘Kettenfahrzeug’, German for tracked vehicle) celebrated its global debut at Eurosatory 2018 in Paris. With a weight ofaround 40 tonnes, the vehicle boasts high payload capacity and maximum interior volume to safely and comfortably carry a three-man crew plus a group of up to nine dismounts.

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Thanks to its modular architecture, the Lynx can be quickly and easily configured for different roles. Besides the infantry fighting vehicle(IFV), a number of other variants are also available; including command and control, reconnaissance, combat engineering, repair and recovery variants as well as field ambulance. It takes only a few hours to change a mission module, asdemonstratedat Eurosatory 2018.

The main armament of the Lance turret installed in the Lynx IFV is a stabilized, 30mm airburst-capable automatic cannon. This enables the vehicleto engage targets effectively, efficiently and with great precision at ranges of 3,000 metres – even when it’s on the move. Due to its flexibility and growth potential, LANCE 2.0 is easily upgradable to larger calibres on the same platform, like a 50mm machine canon. Moreover, the Lance turret can be additionally equipped with a variety of antitank guided missiles such as the EuroSPIKE, used by both the Czech Army and the Bundeswehr.

Other effector options include remotely operated weapon stations, electronic countermeasures, etc. Lynx’s superb mobility even on tough terrain makes it standout among its peers. It features the latest drive technology, including an 850 kW (1140 HP) Liebherr engine and a tried-and-tested Renk transmission system. Lynx has the highest power to weight ratio in its class. Its flexible running gear keeps the Lynx KF41 on the go in every mission configuration and at every protection level.

Lynx around the world

Lynx has a proven track record for air transport in the Antonov An-124 and C-17 aircraft, because of the multiple ongoing international tenders.

In August 2018 Lynx was airlifted to Adelaide Airport in South Australia for Land Forces Conference 2018, where Rheinmetall presented Lynx as a contender for Land 400 Phase 3, under which Australia plans to procure up to 450 modern infantry fighting vehicles and 17 new Manoeuvre Support Vehicles.

Next stop was Ostrava in the Czech Republic, where it was on show at theNATO Days event in September 2018, to underpin theengagement in the BMP-2 Replacement tender. Czech Republic is looking for 210 new medium-weight combat vehicles and neighbouring countries will likely watch the decision carefully.

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From there Lynx proceeded to Washington, D.C.(USA) to attendthe AUSA (Association of the United States Army)in October 2018.Together with its American partner Raytheon Rheinmetall made their intentionclear to bid for the US Army’s Next-Generation Combat Vehicle-Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (NGCV-OMFV) program.

“By Czechs, for Czechs” – optimum adaptation to customer requirements

Rheinmetall plans to work hand in hand with partners in the Czech Republic to turn the Lynx project into reality. Local craftsmanship and workforce already transferredCzech DNA to the Lynx shown at IDET.

Czech companies have customized the personnel compartment of the LYNX, including weapons holders, storage solutions for personnel, communication and other equipment, as well as the design of the camouflage.

During this effort, they equipped LYNX also with communication and intercom solutions as well as Czech-made jammers necessary for the battlefield of tomorrow.

Finally the LYNX now boasts Czech mine protected seats for the required eight dismounts in the rear compartment of the vehicle. This was concluded especially by the companies BOGGES, URC, CSG, Optokon and Interlink.Rheinmetall confirmed ongoing talks with additional suppliers from the Czech Republic.

The Lynx – a flagship project

With Lynx, Czechs and Germansare poised to produce one of the most advanced combat vehicles on the planet. The potential significance of this flagship project thus extends far beyond the bounds of European and NATO industrial and security policy. The Lynx is an affordable investment in the future of a safe Czech Republic for the next 50 years.

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