The Flight Training Center of the LOM Praha state enterprise continues to train students of the University of Defense

The Flight Training Center of the LOM Praha state enterprise continues to train students of the University of Defense
Author: University of Defense, Faculty of Military Technology|Caption: Z-142 at CLV
15 / 03 / 2021, 10:00

The Flight Training Center (CLV) in Pardubice, which falls under the LOM Praha state enterprise, provides complete training for pilots of the Army of the Czech Republic. And among its tasks, which it can perform even in the current difficult epidemic situation, is also the training of students of the University of Defense in Brno, students of the Faculty of Military Technology. Students of the third year of the Military Pilot specialization, for hygienic reasons divided into smaller groups, start flights in March on Zlín Z-142 aircraft or on Enstrom 480 helicopter.

This is the initial flight training, during which future army pilots will learn to control aircraft without need to have earlier pilot experience. Individual flights without instructor are then waiting for them during the month of April. The course started at CLV Pardubice in February with theoretical training, which followed on from the previous study and acquisition of knowledge in the field of aerodynamics, navigation and phraseology in the subject Basic pilot training.

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"According to military aviation regulations, each student pilot must first complete a theoretical type retraining, the so-called material part. In this, future pilots got acquainted with their aircraft on which they will fly, almost to the last screw. Together with their flying instructors, they underwent individual special-purpose preparations, where they memorized specific emergency procedures, principles of piloting techniques, important landmarks around the airport for easier orientation during the flight to radiotelephone procedures and correspondence used at LKPD airport. At the end of the retraining, they had to prove their knowledge during a test, the completion of which with at least 75% success is a necessary condition before the start of flight training," explains Pavel Lang for LOM Prague on the principles of this phase of training.

In addition to future pilots, the CLV team of instructors in Pardubice is also preparing ground staff technicians for future service. In addition to the aforementioned Zlín Z-142, transport L-410 and Enstrom 480 helicopters, the CLV also uses seven jet L-39C Albatros. Their fleet celebrated its 20,000th flight hour at the beginning of February. Lieutenant Ladislav Valoušek from the 213th Training Squadron subordinated to the 21st Tactical Air Force Base reached this milestone with the aircraft No. 0445. In addition to the Czech Air Force pilots, CLV also uses these aircraft to prepare students of the University of Defense, as well as students from abroad. Enstrom 480B-G helicopters replaced the old Mil Mi-2 ex-soviet ones at CLV less than three years ago. During that time, however, four American helicopters have managed to fly 3,000 hours with future pilots.

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CLV has several simulators for training cabin procedures for L-39, Mi-2 and Mi-17/171 aircraft and helicopters types. Since 2011, in cooperation with the subsidiary VR Group a.s., it has also been providing tactical simulation training at the Tactical Simulation Center, which, at a fraction of the cost, makes it possible to introduce tactical air force pilots into situations that they may or should encounter in during service.

For students of the University of Defense, the CLV's ability to meet strict hygiene rules and still implement practical training is extremely important. Despite the huge technological shift in the field of simulations, the actual flight training cannot be ignored, reduced or replaced by anything.

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