The EXCALIBUR ARMY company services military anti-chemical vehicles, the first repaired pieces are used by the Czech soldiers again

The EXCALIBUR ARMY company services military anti-chemical vehicles, the first repaired pieces are used by the Czech soldiers again
Author: Excalibur Army|Caption: ACHR-90/CO anti-chemical vehicle
27 / 05 / 2021, 10:00

The Sternberg company EXCALIBUR ARMY recently handed over the first pieces of the repaired ACHR-90/CO anti-chemical vehicles on Tatra chassis and their accessories to the Czech Army. This happened on the basis of a framework agreement with the Ministry of Defense.

ACHR-90 vehicles were manufactured and serviced by VOP CZ Nový Jičín until 2019. EXCALIBUR ARMY won a contract for comprehensive repairs of this anti-chemical equipment of the Army of the Czech Republic within a public tender in 2018, when it offered the Ministry of Defense more favorable conditions and price. EXCALIBUR ARMY is a traditional partner of the Czech Armed Forces, for a long time, for example, it provides servicing for the fleet of Tatra Tactic vehicles. The framework contract for repairs and maintenance of anti-chemical vehicles is worth CZK 16 million, including VAT, while all ordered work must be completed by the end of this year.

The contract includes the performance of defects in equipment and routine repairs, including legal revisions, inspection and calibration of chemical equipment and routine repairs of spare parts for this equipment. Specifically, it applies to ACHR-90 CO and ACHR-90 decontamination vehicles, of which the Army is equiped with 40 pieces, as well as decontamination lines, MDA decontamination vehicles and various subsystems, units, power plants and other equipment.

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EXCALIBUR ARMY specialists on ACHR-90/CO vehicles perform, for example, complete disassembly of the body and repairs of their bodywork, hot-dip galvanizing of body frames, test and repair special vehicle units, perform finding repairs and replacement of rubber parts or renewal of vehicle paint. EXCALIBUR ARMY also cooperates with other Czech subcontractors on repairs, which produce special components for this equipment. The contract for repairs of anti-chemical and decontamination equipment of the Czech Armed Forces is an important contract for the Sternberg company, as it represents another reference project connected with the domestic armed forces, which strengthens the company's position in the defense industry in the Czech Republic and abroad.


The EXCALIBUR ARMY company belonging to the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP holding company is a Czech manufacturer and seller of heavy military vehicles, spare parts, weapons, ammunition and other military equipment. It focuses on the development, production of modern vehicles, service, overhaul and modernization, including major upgrades, mainly ground military equipment. The company has customers all over the world and cooperates with renowned world producers of security technologies.

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