The Czech participation at IDEX 2021 is extraordinary

The Czech participation at IDEX 2021 is extraordinary
Author: CZUB|Caption: CZUB stand at IDEX 2021
25 / 02 / 2021, 10:00

The international exhibition IDEX 2021, which takes place in Abu Dhabi, is one of the traditional fairs of defense technology and weapons. It has been held in a two-year cycle since 1993. At the same time, in the generally less stable region, MENA (Middle East and North Africa) is the only regularly held and well-attended event of its kind. As at all similar trade fairs, including, for example, IDET in the Czech Republic, it offers both manufacturers' stands in exhibition halls, as well as an outdoor exhibition, and of course there are also dynamic demonstrations. Czech participation in the program, which is a rarity in the current global pandemic situation, is extraordinary.

26 Czech exhibitors are presenting at this year's IDEX. In addition to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in the United Arab Emirates and the Defense and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic, there are 24 companies that offer their products in the field of defense technologies to the world public and especially to potential customers. The program runs under the necessary hygienic measures, including the requirement of a negative PCR test not older than two days, which must be submitted by each visitor. A total of 1,100 exhibitors from all over the world are participating. In addition to weapons, ground and air technology, the program also includes an exhibition dedicated to the navy – NAVDEX.

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Czech companies brought remarkable products to Abu Dhabi and presented many of them as world premieres. One of the most significant is the DITA self-propelled howitzer from Excalibur Army from the CSG holding. The massive turret, munted with a 155 mm barrel on a Tatra eight-wheel chassis, continues the tradition of proven DANA howitzers. In line with the modern trend, it is characterized by a high degree of autonomy and unlike the older sister, which normally needs a crew of five, DITA requires only two soldiers for its operation. It is worth noting that the technology demonstrator was airlifted to the United Arab Emirates. In addition to the DITA howitzer, the Excalibur Army also presents the DECON decontamination and disinfection vehicle, the AM-70 EX launched bridge vehicle with the bridge carrying capacity of 70 tons, and the PATRIOT II armored vehicle.

In Abu Dhabi, Kopřivnice-based Tatra Trucks presents a four-axle Tatra Force 8x8 with an armored cab from the Tatra Defense Vehicle, as well as a special two-axle Tatra Force 4x4 chassis, which can serve as a platform for armored vehicles of any purpose.

In the field of aviation technology, we cannot miss the L-39 NG training and light attack aircraft from Aero Vodochody, proven aircraft engines from the PBS company, SkySpotter 151 autonomous unmanned helicopter from LIAZ, or the Z 242 L and Z 143 LSi aerobatic aircraft by Zlin Aircraft a.s. The Pardubice company ERA presents its VERA-NG passive tracker system. Also Retia presents its advanced radars in the Emirates, namely the ReGUARD 3D radar and the special ReTWis 5 radar, which can detect and track people moving behind non-metallic obstacles.

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This year's IDEX also sees the rich portfolio of the STV Group - from ballistic vests to the production of ammunition for small arms and anti-tank weapons, tanks and artillery munitions. The Slovak branch of the Czechoslovak Group, MSM Holding, also presents munitions, both for mortars of various calibers, as well as artillery projectiles of parameters necessary for the effective deployment of modern artillery. And shortly after its interesting American acquisition – purchase of the famous Colt Holding - there is also Česká zbrojovka in Abu Dhabi with its pistols, CZ SCORPION EVO 3 submachine gun or CZ BREN 2 assault rifle and other weapons.

Participation in IDEX is an important gateway to the generally unstable, yet interesting market of the Middle East and North Africa. But with regard to the postponement of a number of similar events until the next years, IDEX 2021 is relatively more important in terms of contact with partners from a number of other areas, including Europe. Significant Czech participation shows that the Czech defense industry is succeeding in coping with the ongoing crisis and in developing world-competitive projects despite objective obstacles. If anyone were to worry about the potential export of European weapons to sensitive areas, it might be enough to point out that any vacancy on the market would be immediately filled by companies from other countries, especially from Russia and China.

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