TATRA TRUCKS‘ exports flourishing in all continents again

TATRA TRUCKS‘ exports flourishing in all continents again
12 / 03 / 2018, 10:30

The vehicle producer from Kopřivnice, known under it’s brand TATRA, counts among the oldest vehicle producers in the world. It works continuously since 1850, and it strongly influenced the vehicle production industry not only in the Czech republic, but abroad too.

With no exaggeration it belongs to the most known Czech brands in the world. From march 2013 the company TATRA TRUCKS is owned by Czech share-holders and it went through shake-out aiming to make the production and sales more efficient. The success of this shake-out is attested especially by the 858 vehicles produced in 2015. This year the plan is to make 1300 Tatra-vehicles, and even 1700 should follow the next year.

For almost twenty years TATRA also works together with EGAP. It had it’s first insurance in 1997 for export of vehicles to Slovenia. With support of EGAP vehicles were exported to Russia, Croatia and Slovakia. The largest commission insured by EGAP was the export of 1127 vehicles TATRA to Abu Dhabi. The contract of insurance has been signed in 1999. „Our cooperation with TATRA might certainly be larger,“ vicepresident of the executive board of EGAP Marek Dlouhý said during his september proceedings in Kopřivnice. He aimed especially the fact that after a break in insurance which lasted from 2009 to 2014 due mainly to damping of production and export by TATRA itself, there is a large field for cooperation again. Mainly in countries outside the European Union. Concerning both the civilian exports, and exports for the defence industry.

„We see a big potential in India. It’s army operates a fleet of more than 10 thousand of our vehicles; last year we have delivered 117 new ones to this market, and there is room for provision of new vehicles as well as, of course, spare parts,“ trade executive of TATRA TRUCKS David Pipal said.

A similar number – 105 vehicles – were delivered by the company to Saudi Arabia last year, where another 300 should go during the following three years. The company managed to get back to the Brazilian market, and 80 vehicles were already delivered. According to David Pipal there is a potential to export 100–150 Tatra vehicles to Brazil per year. Not only for military purposes, but also for agriculture. It is that the unique 6x6 TATRA AGROTRUCK is more and more popular among the customers in the agrarian sector. Among the territories where TATRA holds or negotiates other contracts there are, besides India, Saudia Arabia and Brazil, also Jordan, Russia, Israel, Egypt, or Turkmenistan and Cuba.

„In many of these terrotories we might certainly support TATRA with our insurance,“ the EGAP‘s chief executive Jan Procházka commented on the trading strategy of the company.

The main advantage of TATRA is the variable chassis

The trucks of the brand TATRA are based mainly on the Tatra vehicle conception that nobody else was able to successfully imitate. Several companies tried to produced the typical swing half-axles with central supporting shaft, but fortunately with no success so far. „It’s kind of Czech LEGO®,“ trade executive of TATRA TRUCKS David Pipal says. The heavy trucks from Kopřivnice are famous thanks to their ability to pass through the most difficult terrains in extreme climatic conditions, high reliability and excellent utility features. In the last years they gain popularity mainly thanks to the economy of operation, which is much more interesting, and in comparision to other conventional transport solutions it allows it’s owners to gain more. That is why it has potential of application in more segments – be it building industry, agriculture, road maintenance, raw materials extraction, forestry of firefighting. And of course, as per tradition, in defence projects. For example the deliveries for the Austrian mountain resorts attest this; the TATRA vehicles drive on the ski slopes for cable maintenance. TATRA is appreciated also at the Baltic sea in Germany which buys these vehicles for it’s „emergency commando“, national association of firefighters, in despite of the big and well known home brands. Next to the Czech firefighters the vehicles TATRA will be recently operated by their Australian colleagues too.

TATRA for army purposes

The most modern wheeled defence vehicle of our times is TITUS®, which might shortly make it’s appearance within the Army of the Czech republic armament. It is built on the unique chassis TATRA which allows it for passage through very difficult terrain. The vehicle is an ideal armored car even for city environment. Thanks to it’s front and back-wheel drive layout it’s turning radius is comparable to private cars. It is suited not only for army users but for police as well. Besides it’s excellent driving properties the vehicle offers also modularity based on specific sets of equipment for concrete mission and operation environments. The user can modify his vehicles for any intended deployment exactly according to his needs. The chassis of the vehicle will be produced by TATRA TRUCKS, the superstructure for the Czech customers in a recently opened facility TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE.

TATRA in Rallye Dakar since 30 years already

The great driving properties and many of the technical and construction innovations of the vehicles TATRA are put in trials on the routes of the marathon competitions for years. The most important success by the Tatra crews has been reached during the well knowns Rallye Dakar, at which Tatra participates since 1986. The quality of the vehicles from Kopřivnice is attested also by the fact that the Dakar special from 1986 came back to the Czech republic in mid-september. It is well conserved in it’s original condition after being operated for three decades in the states of the northern and western Africa. In exchange his former owner, French businessman Jean Philippe, received the modern vehicle TATRA PHOENIC EURO 6. The symbolical exchange of keys from both vehicles took place on monday 12th september on the TATRA TRUCKS company polygon in Kopřivnice. TATRA 815 6x6 VE „Ostrý-II“ from 1986 have been found in France as belonging to Jean Philippe, owner and operator of the travel agency NEW GATE TRAVEL. For thirty years the original competition Tatra has been used for business in the states of the northern and western Africa. „It’s not just the original condition of the vehicle which is uniqe, but also it’s operation history. In the rough conditions of the African continent it travelled an enormous number of kilometers with no serious breakdown – and there are still the original 1985 components on the vehicle. Even today the vehicle reached Kopřivnice by it’s own means,“ technical executive of TATRA TRUCKS Radek Smolka commented on the arrival of TATRA back to Kopřivnice the 12th september.

In world premiere TATRA TRUCKS will present the vehicle TATRA PHOENIX in limited edition PRÄSIDENT with superstructre for forest operation

 The truck TATRA PHOENIX Euro 6 in limited edition PRÄSIDENT with superstructure for hauling wood will be presented during the Elmia Wood 2017 trade fair in Sweden from 7th till 10th june 2017. 

The company TATRA TRUCKS a.s. as producer of trucks TATRA will participate at this most important European forestry trade fair in cooperation with it’s partners – regional dealer Cordestam Maskin AB, dealer Serviscentrum Vysočina specialized mainly to the segment of forestry, and the company Umikov, producer of semitrailers and trailers for hauling wood.

At the occasion of this trade fair the vehicle TATRA PHOENIC Euro 6 in limited edition PRÄSIDENT with superstructure for hauling short wood. The vehicle TATRA PHOENIC Euro 6 in limited edition created at the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the vehicle production in Kopřivnice will be equiped, besides the assets above standard which come with the PRÄSIDENT edition, with the motor PACCAR MX 13 providing power of 375 kW, manual transmission ZF with intarder and one stage additional transmission. This driving gear in combination with the unique Tatra chassis conception, the central supporting shaft and independent swing half-axles, create a highly efficient ensemble and the suspension system of the vehicle which is destined for deployment in mixed service as well as in the most difficult terrain conditions.

The superstructure UMIKOV NKD 15 will be placed on the vehicle TATRA PHOENIC Euro 6, equiped with crossbars with stanchions allowing for mechanical adjustment according to the category of the transported wood. In the back of the superstructure area there will be the water crane LOGLIFT 140 Z  95 which allows for manipulation with wood of any lenght. The crane is delivered by the company CONTSYSTEM. The 3-axle trailer UMIKOV PN 3.24 with mechanically adjustable sliding stanchions for hauling of shor wood will be part of the unit.

The vehicle TATRA PHOENIC Euro 6 in limited edition PRÄSIDENT with this type of superstructre will be presented during the Elmia Wood 2017 trade fair in world premiere.


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