RETIA is the general Czech industrial partner in the MADR project

RETIA is the general Czech industrial partner in the MADR project
11 / 12 / 2019, 09:00

RETIA is the main and strategic industrial partner of ELTA Systems within the project supplying MADR radars for the Czech Army. Under the contract concluded between the two companies, whose negotiation was also supported by the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic, RETIA will produce antenna modules for MADR radars based on advanced gallium nitride technology.

ELTA Systems will transfer the necessary know-how to RETIA and install the production line. This will serve not only to manufacture MADR radars, but also to keep them in working order for up to decades of planned service life, during which the worn antenna modules will be replaced. Thanks to its knowledge and experience with the Czech and Alliance air defense systems, RETIA will significantly contribute to the integration of Israeli radars into the air defense of the Czech Republic and NATO.

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RETIA will cooperate with other subcontractors within the Czech defence industry. One of them is the Kopřivnice car manufacturer TATRA TRUCKS, which will supply special chassis with 8x8 axle sign. They will ensure the mobility of radars on roads, in the field and outside. The interconnection of fully powered Tatra trucks with a radar superstructure will be another task of RETIA, which will lead to a technical solution tailored to the needs of the Army of the Czech Republic.

Last but not least, RETIA will significantly contribute to radar certification, technical documentation creation, together with ELTA Systems will ensure training of the Czech Army in the use of this modern technology and logistically secure the project in the Czech Republic. The value of the contract between ELTA Systems and RETIA is in the order of hundreds of millions of CZK. Radar production in the Czech Republic will start next year so that the demanding deadlines in the long-awaited deadline are met.

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The contract for RETIA was signed by Roman Bohuněk, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who said: “This is an important project for the entire Czech defence industry. Thanks to the terms of the contract, which we managed to negotiate with strong support from the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic permanently gains the know-how and production and service capacity to operate and service MADR radars independently. ” The negotiations between our companies were very complex but constructive and led to a successful conclusion of the contract. The demanding realization of this high-tech project will be followed by technical experts from RETIA, ELTA Systems, TATRA TRUCKS and other Czech companies. ”

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