Perun 4x4 Special Operation Vehicle for the 601st SFG

Perun 4x4 Special Operation Vehicle for the 601st SFG
Author: Martin Koller|Caption: Perun 4x4 SOV, Eurosatory 2018
26 / 07 / 2018, 11:30

Among the Czech exhibits presented during the Eurosatory 2018 exhibition held in Paris in June there was the finalised version of the Perun 4x4 light armoured Special Operation Vehicle (SOV). The vehicle was designed and developed by the SVOS Company, a Czech producer of armoured vehicles since 1992, to offer the Czech Army a vehicle which would meet specific requirements by the elite 601st Special Forces Group.

The vehicle was unveiled during the IDET 2017 exhibition after four years of development. Four vehicles were delivered to the 601st Special Forces Group earlier this year, at a total price of CZK 94.5 million (USD 4.26 million). The vehicle was designed to offer the Czech Special Forces a modern 4x4 light armoured tactical vehicle which could be configured according actual needs to perform a wide variety of missions. The vehicles allow small SF teams to inflitrate deep into enemy territory, serving as transports, combat vehicles, fire support and logistical base for the operation.

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One of the most remarkable features of the Perun is the chassis with full-time four-wheel drive and front/rear differentials locks, independent half axles, and especially a steering system for front and rear axle, which is rare for this cathegory of vehicles. It offers great maneuverability in a harsh terrain like narrow streets, forests or mountain paths.

The body of the vehicle is removable, composed of steel sheets which can be reinforced with removable ballistic and mine blast protection at a desired STANAG 4569 level. The vehicle can be armed with 12.7 mm machine gun or a grenade launcher in a circular ring mounted on the top of the superstructure, and with up to four 7.62 mm machine guns mounted at the front, on each side and at the rear.

The six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with an output of 240 kW at 2,200 rpm allows for a maximum road speed of 110 km/h. The 230 l tanks enable the cruising range on road of 700 km.

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The vehicle has a length of 6.03 m, a width of 2.3 m, and a height of 2.6 m, curb weight of 10,400 kg and payload of 2,600 kg. It can carry smoke grenade launchers, RPGs, and even a mortar which can be fired from the vehicle. Perun can be equiped with a variety of communication, jamming and other devices according to the type of mission. It has a crew of two, driver and commander, and it can carry up to four fully armed operators.

The 601st Special Forces Group is subordinated to the Special Forces Directorate within the General Staff. The group is composed of a command and staff element, combat and support units. It’s mission consists of Special Reconnaissance (SR; gathering the information of strategic significance in hostile, denied, or politicaly sensitive territory), Offensive Action (OA; carried out in order to silence, destroy or damage strategical object of interest using traps, ambush, gunfire or precise ammunition guiding) and Military Assistance (MA; a broad category of measures and activities that support and influence friendly key assets, including training of allied security forces). The structure of the group allows for simultaneous execution of two or three independent operations.

The 601st SFG uses all ways of insertion: ground, air (parachute jumps from high altitude with both high – HAHO - and low opening – HALO) and water (diving capabilities). In support of the Special Forces’ higher mobility, the Czech Air Force earmarks a helicopter unit, the Special Operations Air Detachment (LOSO), from the 222nd Helicopter Squadron with modernized Mi-171Sh SOF II helicopters.

Together with the new Perun 4x4 SOV the group uses the Land Rover Defender 130 Kajman vehicles.

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Perun is not the only modern light or mid-weight vehicle developed and produced by the Czech defence industry. There is the Patriot 4x4 Tactical APC by Excalibur Army (CSG), the Gerlach 4x4 armoured vehicle by Zetor, the NIMR RIV and NIMR Ajban 440A by VOP CZ, TITUS 6x6 by TATRA or the Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV) CHEETAH by Toyota Dajbych.

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