Patriot 4x4 Tactical APC

Patriot 4x4 Tactical APC
Author: Excalibur Army|Caption: Patriot 4x4 Tactical APC
29 / 08 / 2019, 10:00

Among the vehicles displayed during this year’s edition of IDET 2019 in Brno and during the Land Forces Day Bahna the Czech company Excalibur Army, which belongs to the Czechoslovak Group holding (CSG), presented it’s light armoured personal carrier, the Patriot 4x4 Tactical APC. A universal mid-weight class vehicle is built on a chassis by Tatra Trucks, and is also known as the Medium Armoured Tactical Multi-Mission Vehicle (MATMMV). The vehicle featuring high maneuverability is intended for deployment with Rapid Reaction Forces to carry out reconnaissance and patrol duties, especially during asymetric missions, and further serving as a carrier platform for light motorized units.

The Patriot 4x4 Tactical APC is a modular vehicle of robust construction. Thanks to the proven chassis by Tatra Trucks the vehicle provides excellent driving properties in any terrain, and the modular concept allows for many modifications according to the user’s (both military and civil) needs. Besides the basic carrier and transport variant the Patriot can serve as reconnaissance or command vehicle, or it can be mounted with various weapon systems, in both manually or remote controlled stations.

In the basic variant the vehicle can carry a crew of 2 + 4 fully armed and equiped soldiers. The 6.7 l Cummons ISB diesel engine offers 210 kW and gives the vehicle it’s top road speed of 110 km/h. The vehicle provides standard ballistic protection STANAG 4569 Level 3 against small arms (7.62×51mm AP at 30 meters with 930 m/s) and Level 2a/2b anti-mine protection (6 kg Blast AT Mine, 2a – Mine Explosion pressure activated under any wheel or track location, and 2b – Mine Explosion under center). It also carries an automated fire protection system for the cabin and for the engine, and an NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection system. The air condition and filtration allow the vehicle’s operation from -32° to +49° C.

The curb weight is 11.1 tons, the payload 3.9 tons, and the maximum combat weight reaches 15 tons; the lenght of the vehicle is 5,600 mm, width 2,550 mm, height 2,700 mm, which makes the Patriot transportable and deployable by aircraft and landing crafts.

Currently the Patriot 4x4 Tactical APC is being offered to the Polish („Husar“ variant) and Slovak armies; the Czech army will also need replacement for it’s light and mid-weight armoured personal carriers in a near future.

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