New ZVS pistols enter the Czech market too

New ZVS pistols enter the Czech market too
Author: Excalibur Trade|Caption: ZVS pistols
13 / 03 / 2018, 09:30

Arms production in Slovakia has a long tradition originating in the times of the first Czechoslovak republic. One of the companies holding this tradition is the ZVS company which among other things produces pistols. These now newly enter the Czech market.

The slovakian company ZVS (Závody všeobecného strojárstva) is a MSM Group member which belongs to the large machine-industries holding Czechoslovak Group (CSG). It is one of the Czech and Slovak industry enterprises which follow with the best traditions of the czechoslovakian machine-industries and arms production.

The ZVS company from Dubnice nad Váhom pursue the special and arms production since it’s foundation. It’s roots reach 1937 when the Škoda concern from Plzeň moved a part of it’s capacities to Dubnice within a strategic dislocation of the arms production in Czechoslovkia. Together with the production of the medium- and full-bore ammunition and electronics the machine production was developped too. It aims the production of special tools and single-purpose machines. By and by the production range got wider with more branches including small-arms production.

In 2000 the ZVS bagun the production of small-bore ammunition for military purposes, and pistol and shot-gun ammunition for sport and hunting purposes. Two years ago the ZVS became member of the MSM Group which belongs to the Czechoslovak Group holding of the Czech businessman Jaroslav Strnad. Today the production program of two divisions of the company concerns design, developement and production of full-bore tank and artillery ammunition and small-bore ammunition for small-arms. Further it’s the production of the ZVS pistols and Perun air guns, production and elaboration of sheet metals and metal materials, their finishing and also production of transformers and electronics.

Several years ago the ZVS begun the developement of a brand new pistol to answer the most recent trends. The result being their arms marked as ZVS P20 and P21 of the caliber 9mm Luger. The ZVS started the developement of the new series of pistols in 2013. Ladislav Skoupý, Peter Fronk and later Igor Miklas participated in their creation. During the developement the desing engineers created several prototypes used to test the construction materials, and to research the best design and ergonomics.

The ZVS P20 and P21 arms entered the Slovakian market by the end of 2013 and at the beggining of 2014 already. Later the sales expanded to Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine or Sweden. ZVS prepares to expand to the USA, and now it’s pistols entered the Czech market as well. It is certainly interesting that the ZVS mark is carried also by pistols which arm the guard of honor of the Slovakian president, the bodyguards of the minister of defence of Vietnam or chosen troops of the ministry of defence of Pakistan.

On the Czech market these products are newly offered by the Excalibur Trade company which belongs to the CSG holding too. Excalibur Trade is the sole agency for selling the ZVS brand pistols on the Czech market, whereas they are offered i.e. by the ESTRELIVO.CZ e-shop.

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