New DITA self-propelled wheeled howitzer pushes the possibilities of modern combat further

New DITA self-propelled wheeled howitzer pushes the possibilities of modern combat further
Author: Excalibur Army|Caption: DITA self-propelled howitzer
22 / 02 / 2021, 10:00

Excalibur Army, part of the Czechoslovak Group holding company, is now developing a new wheeled self-propelled howitzer named DITA. It is a modern battle mean for the battlefield of the 21st century with an increased degree of autonomy.

Modern artillery means still play an important role in the dynamically changing battlefield of the 21st century. Czechoslovakia and now the Czech Republic have proved that they are among the leaders in this respect that can withstand international comparisons. The Excalibur Army company, which is behind the DANA M1 CZ and DANA M1M projects, is also involved in the modernization of artillery, and the DANA M2 self-propelled howitzer attracted attention as the top of the imaginary pyramid of the DANA family. In 2018, the DANA M2 had its premiere at the traditional Bahna event, where it received due attention.

DITA (by Excalibur Army)

The company's portfolio will also include the DITA wheeled self-propelled howitzer, which moves the possibilities of modern combat further. At present, it is necessary to talk about a prototype, or technological demonstrator, which has just been completed. Its length is 13.02 m, weight is 29 tons. In general, it is a combat artillery caliber 155 mm, which can offer excellent throughput through the terrain, high accuracy of shooting and a modern on-board control system. Said on-board control system includes, for example, diagnostics subsystems, inertial navigation, automatic weapon guidance, ammunition management and selection.

The self-propelled howitzer requires only two crew members - the driver and the commander and offers a high degree of autonomy. An important component of the system is the armored cab with a filter unit that meets the strictest current standards and also reflects the latest trends. It has a low silhouette, ballistic and mine protection level 1 according to the standard STANAG 4569. It also has a system of protection against the effects of weapons of mass destruction.

The self-propelled howitzer stands on a four-axle Tatra chassis with all-wheel drive. The drive unit of the system will be provided by an air-cooled Tatra T3C-928-90 eight-cylinder engine with an output of 300 kW and automatic transmission. DITA will be able to reach a speed of 90 km / h on the road, 25 km / h  in difficult or inaccessible terrain. The driving distance is 600 km.

For the self-propelled howitzer, the A.S.A.P. (Automatic Setting of Action Position) guidance system will play an important role. This accelerated the taking of the firing position, the shooting itself and leaving the firing position. The range of the weapon offering high accuracy is 39 km, the howitzer can carry 40 pieces of ammunition, which are placed in conveyors. The rate of fire should be 5 rounds per minute with continued firing at the target.

DITA (by Excalibur Army)

In January 2021, a functional prototype (technological demonstrator) was completed, which faces a series of necessary tests. The Excalibur Army expects that the demonstrator will present itself for the first time at the prestigious IDEX 2021 defense technology fair, which will take place in Abu Dhabi on 21-25 February, despite the unfavorable global panedmic situation.

The DITA self-propelled howitzer is another valuable contribution in the 155 mm howitzer family, combining modern control systems with an advanced degree of autonomy, high firing accuracy and long range, and high crew protection and mobility on the other.

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