Minister, are you on time with purchasing new IFVs and tanks? Heavy mechanized brigade to be ready in 2026

Minister, are you on time with purchasing new IFVs and tanks? Heavy mechanized brigade to be ready in 2026
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21 / 11 / 2019, 10:00

Karel Krejza, member of the Defence Committee, interpellated Minister of Defence Lubomír Metnar on armament of the Army of the Czech Republic, in connection with the Czech Republic's commitment to provide, within the NATO defence planning, its ground forces based on a heavy-type brigade consisting of three mechanized infantry and one tank battalion, as of 1st January 2026. And this is very closely related to the rearmament of the mechanized infantry of the 7th Brigade with new tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicles, as well as the rearmament of the tank battalion.

Karel Krejza asked the Minister the following questions:

1) the heavy Mechanized Brigade is to be ready to join NATO structures on 1st January 2026. To do this you need to rearm it with new IFVs and tanks. You inform quite often about the IFV tender. But I would like to ask what is the timetable for selekting new tanks?

2) Unfortunately, there are long delays in purchasing almost all military equipment. Is there sufficient time in the procurement of IFVs and tanks to ensure that, even in the event of delays, the new technology will be purchased on time (NATO involvement on 1st January 2026)?

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3) From your position as Minister of Defence, you have repeatedly announced the postponement of the signing of the contract for the purchase of new IFVs. The original date was autumn 2019, then the end of 2019, now the decision has been shifted to 2020. How do you explain these shifts?

4) Large military purchases are linked to the economic situation in the Czech Republic and possible economic cooling. Eventually, postponing the tender may result in the budget not having the means to purchase all the equipment. What is the plan of the Ministry of Defence in case the spending on military purchases decreased?

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5) For the purchase of the helicopters for the Czech Army the way of the classic tender was finally abandonned and the G2G form was chosen, which significantly accelerated the purchase. Can such a procedure be applied to other military purchases?

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As deputy Krejza writes, we have commitments to NATO, not just about the 2% of GDP expenditures, but also about what to purchase and which units to equip with modern vehicles and armaments. We will publish the replies of Minister Metnar when available.

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