LANCE turret system from Rheinmetall: new heights of engineering

LANCE turret system from Rheinmetall: new heights of engineering
Author: Rheinmetall|Caption: LYNX KF41
19 / 08 / 2020, 10:00

The latest turret system designs for wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles such as LANCE from Rheinmetall Defence are masterpieces of engineering innovation and ingenuity. Furthermore, with their enormous potential for enhancement, these modern systems arefully prepared for the challenges of the coming decades.

Rheinmetall has been one of the leading suppliers of turret systems for over five decades. More than 6,000 turrets, fully loaded with high-level technology, have been delivered to customers worldwide. Moreover, the systems supplier is one of the leading providers of fire control systems and medium- and large-calibre weapons, with more than 10,000 deliveries around the world. Its expertise in wheeled and tracked vehicle technology is also extensive. All this knowledge has now been incorporated into the LANCE turret as a particularly modular, mobile and modern system.

The LANCE turret is already making its mark in the Czech Republic. In the event that the Defence Ministry chooses the LYNX KF41, Rheinmetall’sinfantry fighting vehicle (IFV), the company wants to build the crucial turret system at its production plant in the Ústí nad Labem region. Building the turret system at the plant, which is co-located with the Rheinmetall Automotive plant in the northwest of the Czech Republic, would create several jobs and is part of Rheinmetall Defence’s global commitment to the localisation of production. The German company is open to the possibility that Czech turret production could form the basis of turret export sales in the future.

The LANCE turret system underlines Rheinmetall’s goal to supply armed forces with a comprehensive range of modular systems. At a time of unforeseeable challenges for military deployments, the greatest possible flexibility in the combination of technology means maximum freedom of action for military decision-makers.

Lynx IFV

In fact, the technical variability of LANCE is almost limitless. The turret and its weapon can be integrated into almost any armoured wheeled or tracked vehicle,making it highly mobile.This means that soldiers deployed in these armoured vehicles areprotected against ballistic threats, mines and explosive traps, while having the capability to engage the enemy with precise firepower at the same time.

The turret’s main weapon is the MK30-2 / ABM automatic cannon, developed and built by Rheinmetall. The use of this cannon brings a host of advantages for the vehicle crew. The turret has a reserve of 200 rounds of two different ammunition types for the main weapon. This means that the weapon can be resupplied with ammunition without the soldiers having to leave the protected vehicle interior. The turret also enables moving targets to be engaged accurately and effectively, even when the vehicle itself is moving. Naturally, other weapons of various calibres or from other suppliers can also be integrated with the LANCE turret. Full flexibility is assured in this respect as well.

The LANCE is equipped with a state-of-the-art, fully digital fire control system. Two electro-optical sights – each equipped with a high-resolution camera, a thermal imaging camera and a laser rangefinder – are also provided. One of the sights enables 360-degree visibility, irrespective of the movement of the turret. Of particular benefit is the fact that each system can be operated both by the commanding officer and by the gunner.

Besides the turret’s base version, a range of additional equipment can be integrated. A Situational Awareness System (SAS), an independent weapons station, C4I systems for network-enabled operations and an additional sight for the commanding officer are just a few examples of the LANCE’s virtually endless expansion possibilities. All of this means that the LANCE turret is ready for the future today.

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