Explosion tests of the TITUS amored vehicle imminent

Explosion tests of the TITUS amored vehicle imminent
17 / 08 / 2020, 10:00

62 new Czech-French armored vehicles TITUS (Tactical Infantry Transport & Utility System) will soon be added to the fleet of the Army of the Czech Republic. Production work at Tatra Defense Vehicle has already begun and the first two chassis are currently being manufactured, which are currently undergoing stress tests. Explosion tests are to take place in the autumn. They will verify the safety of the crew in the event of, for example, hitting a mine.

This year, Tatra Defense Vehicle (TDV) will complete another order for the Czech Armed Forces: special variants of the PANDUR II CZ wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicles and supply the last of 14 Wheeled Armored Communications Vehicle (KOVS) and 6 Wheeled Armored Command Post Vehicle (KOVVŠ). According to the plan, the company will than allocate its capacity to the TITUS project.

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TITUS will come in three variants, in addition to KOVS and KOVVŠ also as Fire Support Coordination Element (MKPP). The order is signed for a total of 62 pieces. Similar to the CAESAR artillery system, in the case of the TITUS, this is another project of the French company NEXTER using the Czech chassis TATRA (and Pardubice's RETIA will supply electronic systems for them, Ray Service will provide cabling). The share of the Czech defense industry in the entire contract will reach up to 80% in the future.

However, the very first prototype of the TITUS produced will soon be destryed during the planned explosion test. The aim of the test will be to verify that the structure can withstand to such an extent that the lives of the crew are not endangered. At TDV, the believe the vehicle will resist on the first try: „The wheels and everything that is suspended on the surface will fly off, but the explosion must not pass inside to give the crew a chance to survive. However, if the body opens like a can, we did not pass the explosion test," Tomáš Mohapl, CEO of the company, said.

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Czech Army could order up to 300 vehicles in the coming years, not only in the above mentioned variants, but also as medical vehicles and other types based on the basic concept of the vehicle, which is designed primarily for support roles, not for direct conflict with enemy in the first line. Even in the background and when performing support tasks, however, it can very easily get into a situation where TITUS will have to deal with a threat in the form of an ambush, a trap or mines or improvised explosive devices.

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