EVPÚ Defense - a leading Czech manufacturer of electro-optical systems invests in new technologies

EVPÚ Defense - a leading Czech manufacturer of electro-optical systems invests in new technologies
Author: EVPU Defence
11 / 03 / 2021, 10:00

Although it might seem that the current pandemic and economic situation in the Czech Republic does not favor costly investments in expanding production facilities and improving production processes, there are still companies that do not hesitate to take this step under the given conditions. One of them is EVPÚ Defense a.s., which has become known at home and abroad primarily as a specialist in the development and production of electro-optical systems for border surveillance, military and police forces.

A few years ago, EVPÚ Defense a.s. built its own development, production and testing center in Uherské Hradiště, which this year was supplemented by new equipment in special rooms, so-called "clean rooms", thus confirming its place among the absolute leaders in the industry.

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What does it look like in the clean rooms of EVPÚ Defense a.s.?

Clean rooms are, in fact, laboratories that meet strict standards limiting the concentration of dust and microbial particles, pressure, temperature and humidity. Reducing dust and regulating other mentioned parameters prevents the penetration of impurities into the fine mechanics of cameras and optical paths of systems, which could later manifest themselves as defects in the image.

EVPÚ Defense a.s. has two clean rooms, which are separated from each other by a transition chamber and an air shower. The first room meets the purity class ISO 8 and qualified workers perform all measurements, mechanical assembly and servicing of electro-optical systems. They use special equipment, which includes collimators for measuring optical properties and rectification of optical systems, a climate chamber for simulating temperature tests and an active black body for calibration of cooled and uncooled thermal imaging cameras. In the second room with purity class ISO 6, a complete analysis of the functionality of the cooled detectors, their maintenance and replacement of the cooling medium takes place.

What possibilities does the new device provide?

The equipment of clean rooms allows experts from EVPÚ Defense a.s. to provide comprehensive services, including measurement of parameters, geometric properties and servicing of mechanical components of day and cooled or uncooled thermal imaging cameras. In addition, laser rangefinders and complete electro-optical systems can also be serviced here.

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Why are clean rooms so important?

EVPÚ Defense a.s. is a company with a twenty-year tradition, which is very much based on the quality of its products. Electro-optical systems, which are manufactured in Uherské Hradiště, consist of highly sensitive daytime and thermal imaging cameras, the image of which must be perfect, because not only security can depend on it, but in the case of systems for military applications also the lives of end users. In order for the customer to be able to 100% rely on his electro-optical system when he needs it, the manufacturer must completely meet the demanding production conditions. "In addition, separate production in clean rooms brings a number of advantages, including faster and even better product assembly and the ability to produce an electro-optical system, revitalize it and measure its parameters in one laboratory," said Ing. Martin Vala, development specialist and clean room manager.

The whole range of equipment from monitoring systems to all types of command and shooting sights, which were assembled in clean rooms, is planned by EVPÚ Defense a.s. to present and present at the upcoming IDET exhibition in Brno during the month of October, if the situation allows. More product information can be found at www.evpudefence.com.

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