Czech Army’s Active Reserve – numbers are rising (should be 5,000 by 2025)

Czech Army’s Active Reserve – numbers are rising (should be 5,000 by 2025)
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11 / 09 / 2018, 08:45

The Active Reserve has been established in response to the professionalisation of the Armed Forces in 2004. The position of the Active Reserve personnel is not solely in the mobilisation plan, but they can also become a source for reinforcing regular forces in peacetime. The reservists serve up to three weeks a year and can be called up to serve two weeks during a non-military crisis such as natural disasters. They are not supposed to serve abroad.

During the Ample Strike exercise the Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Aleš Opata met the members of the Active Reserve Force, to get acquainted with their training and their main activity within the exercise. He expressed his satisfaction with the current numbers of Active Reserve’s soldiers which, according to him, proves a rising interest in the Army by the public: “I appreciate everyone who decided to become member of the Active Reserve to voluntarily perform the military service of a citizen of the Czech Republic,” general Opata said. The Active Reserve Force will be getting new weapons and equipment: “I would not see any difference to be perceived between the Active Reserve units and professional troops. I approache to your needs in the very same way. We are one Republic – one Army,” he added.

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There are two categories of Reserves of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic according to the new legislation which has been effective as of 1st July 2016: soldiers in reserve. These are the professional soldiers or former conscripts, who were dismissed from the military active service, or citizens who voluntarily assume the military obligation and succesfully pass a six-week military training.

And the soldiers in Active Reserve. These are either citizens who filed a request to become member of the Active Reserve at Regional Military Headquarters, were admitted and successfully passed a six-week military training; or a soldier in Reserve who, within two years after his dismissal from active service, can be called up to the Active Reserve by a decision of Director of the Regional Military Headquarters.

The Active Reserve members are primarily deployed to guard structures and installations vital to the state defence. Such service and support is supposed to allow the professional first line troops to be deployed elsewhere with maximum efficiency. Currently new Active Reserve units are being formed within the structure of the Air Force with the same purpose: to provide guard duties and logistic support.

At present, there are 16 Active Reserve units (levels of platoon, company or units of specialists) affiliated to respective combat units of the Czech Armed Forces, and moreover, a rifle company of Active Reserve is subordinated to any of 14 Regional Military Headquarters; there were 2,357 members by February 2018, they were 1900 in 2017, and the aim is to reach the total number of 5,000 by 2025.

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In the White Paper of Defence approved by a Governmental Resolution on 18th May 2011 we read:

The Active Reserve component has been established in order to satisfy the citizens' right to participate in national defence, including in peacetime. In addition, it is an instrument interconnecting the armed forces with the civilian sector. The pool of trained personnel increases the Czech defence capabilities

The Active Reserve personnel are a part of the Czech Armed Forces with a special legal status. They reinforce selekted units and components of the armed forces and are called up for regular military exercises or emergency service if their units are deployed in operations

The Active Reserve consists of Czech Republic’s citizens who voluntarily assume the commitment of military service as well as earmarked deactivated professional soldiers.

As stipulated by the terms and conditions of their military contracts, professional soldiers accept the duty to assume, as active reservists, a specific position in a military unit. They become active reservists after terminating their active duty pursuant to the Contract on Active Reserve Enlistment, specifying their place of duty based on expertise, rank and other aspects.

The Active Reserve personnel are financially remunerated. Attaining an effective concept of active reserve cannot occur without motivating both individual reservists and their employers.

The Active Reserve will be present and presented during NATO Days 2018 held in Ostrava-Mošnov during the following weekend: Active Reserve will again show in dynamic displays.

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