2019 brought several important milestones for the RETIA company

2019 brought several important milestones for the RETIA company
14 / 05 / 2020, 10:00

RETIA is one of the most important companies in the field of radar systems, command and control systems, recording systems and hi-tech electronics in the Czech Republic. Last year, it achieved half-billion sales and a highly positive EBITDA indicator. The exact numbers will be published in the annual report. In addition, 2019 was marked by significant events that have and will have an impact on the future of the company.

At present, RETIA employs approximately 240 workers, mostly university-educated specialists. However, the contracts concluded last year mean that RETIA will grow and change from a relatively small technology company to a production and technology company. It is mainly the involvement of the company in the design and production of special versions of the Pandur II CZ and TITUS armored vehicles for the Army of the Czech Republic and also its participation in the MADR radar project for the Czech Armed Forces as well. RETIA will thus need not only new engineering and design specialties, but also production workers. In addition, it is preparing joint projects with its partner company ELDIS Pardubice, with which it cooperates within the CSG Aerospace division. RETIA thus offers a whole range of new job applications, while the cooperation between RETIA and ELDIS represents a strong and stable development and production platform with a long-term perspective for employees.

MADR radars and cooperation with Elta Systems

Last year, contracts were signed for the production and supply of new 3D radars in the MADR category for the Czech Army. Thanks to these arrangements, RETIA has become a strategic industrial partner for the Israeli company Elta Systems, which is to supply the new radars to the Army. Pardubice specialists will play a significant role in the involvement of Israeli radars in the Czech Republic's and NATO air defense systems. RETIA will also integrate components from other manufacturers into radar sets, such as chassis platforms from TATRA TRUCKS, according to the needs of the Czech Army. RETIA will also provide, for example, the production of radar transmitting and receiving modules, support in the certification of radars, the creation of accompanying and technical documentation, in cooperation with the Israeli side and the training of personnel from the Czech Army, etc.

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The value of the contract concluded between the Pardubice company and the Israeli partner is in the order of hundreds of millions of crowns. Preparations for the production of MADR radar components are in full swing, with production scheduled to begin in the coming months. Within the cooperation, the most important for the Czech Republic is the installation of a production line in RETIA company, and the associated transmission of the production of antenna modules using advanced gallium nitride technology, including the necessary know-how. RETIA will also be in charge of service and technical support during the service of the radars in the Czech Army.

ReGUARD - the first Czech 3D radar

Last year's premiere of the ReGUARD radar was a major milestone for the company. A novelty from RETIA's portfolio is the first three-dimensional pulse-Doppler-type radar developed in the Czech Republic. ReGUARD is primarily intended for the detection and simultaneous tracking of ground targets and slow low-flying objects with a small reflecting surface. It is therefore also suitable for the detection of unmanned aerial vehicles, which gives it the prerequisites to apply in the field of protection against drones in armed forces and, for example, in civil air traffic control systems, in the protection of airports, borders or important infrastructure complexes such as nuclear power plants or chemical plants. RETIA offers a new radar in many markets and is currently in an advanced stage of contracting negotiations with several customers, as there is great interest in this type of technology on the market. Foreign integrators of complex antidron solutions have also shown interest in ReGUARD.

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Significant projects of ground military vehicles

Thanks to its involvement in the Pandur II CZ and TITUS special vehicle projects for the Czech Armed Forces, RETIA has newly established itself as an integrator of electronic and communication equipment for armored vehicles. In autumn of last year, Czech Army took over the first completed pieces of KOVS communications vehicles and KOVVŠ staff vehicles based on Pandur II CZ, including HQ workplaces, while the production of others is taking place at this time. RETIA is participating in this project as the main supplier and integrator of electronic and communication equipment for the vehicles. It is also in charge of its installation in the interior of the vehicles, including design work, and ensures the required functionality of the systems with regard to the prescribed norms and standards.

In the first half of last year, the Ministry of Defense signed a contract for the supply of 62 special versions of TITUS vehicles, and RETIA is also involved in this project. The role of the company is similar to that of the special versions of the Pandurs for the Czech Army. It is therefore in charge of the supply of electronic and communication equipment and its installation and integration into vehicles. From a technological point of view, these are follow-up projects and RETIA’s specialists can effectively use the acquired experience and know-how.

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The unique ReTWis radar has been certified

RETIA has been working on the development of the small ReTWis portable radar for many years and is constantly improving it. The latest ReTWis 5 can detect and monitor living people as well as animals that are behind a wall or other non-metallic obstacle, even on the basis of mere breathing. It uses ultra-wideband (UWB) radar technology, which is specific to high resolution, so ReTWis 5 can capture even very small movements. RETIA is one of the few companies in the world that develops and manufactures this type of radar. Last year, it also received certification of this radar in the USA, thanks to meeting the technical parameters, ReTWis under the name POLR-1 has the opportunity to succeed in the most demanding market. It is intended primarily for security forces such as the police force, border guards or private security agencies, which have high demands on equipment and technology in the United States.

Anti-aircraft missile systems

In the area of ​​anti-aircraft systems, last year RETIA completed the supply of modernized SURN radars for the US military, which uses them for training. Another project that saw an important milestone last year is the new ReWET NG firing element terminal. RETIA developed this terminal for the RBS 70 NG anti-aircraft missile set, which the Czech army is introducing into service. ReWET NG is a mobile control module of the commander of the anti-aircraft missile team and represents the basic connecting element of the set with a superior fire command and control system.

In autumn of last year, the military tests of the RBS 70 NG set and the ReWET NG terminal were successfully completed, including their integration into the RACCOS automated fire command and control system, which is also the result of the work of RETIA specialists. The Czech Army can thus easily integrate new anti-aircraft missile kits with terminals into an automated command and control system after delivery and immediately use them in conjunction with ReVISOR radars, also from the production of the RETIA company.

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